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Monday, May 28, 2012

Children's Season 2012

When i read about the children's season 2012 happening at various museums in the papers a couple of weeks back, i was excited! i think kaira will enjoy it and it looked like a great way to occupy her :)
plus there are special open house weekends with free admissions, double happiness :))

on friday nite, i made arrangements with bestie to meet at the Singapore Art Museum on Saturday morning ... but when i woke up on saturday morning, my body was aching so badly, i suspected that something was not quite right!! took my temperature and yup, i was running a fever..... sad :(  i was looking forward to the museum visit but i didn't think i could make that day.

Anywayz, Hubbie and Kaira went ahead to the Art Garden @ SAM and i am glad they had a great time!! :)

pity i couldn't make it.  i hope to bring her to the peranakan museum later in June.  she has a classmate who's peranakan and she has been asking "what" is a peranakan??

what did i do ?  i was in bed the ENTIRE day on Saturday.  skipped lunch and dinner except for 2 bowls of barley drink.  been a long time since i experience this aching joints and body feeling!! so bad so bad!!

anywayz, after one day of fighting the virus, i felt much better on Sunday - thank God! now, just hoping that my cough doesn't get worse and it will go away soon!

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