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Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to work (soon)!

The last time I stepped into an office was in 2006 n at that time I was doing consulting/project work for my ex hkg boss.....Tat seems quite long ago huh??

The thot that I m going to step into an office again, brings both excitement n trepidation... Haha .... I dun know what to expect n how will I fare in that kind of environment again?? I hv been so carefree these years.... N my focus has been on my daughter...

I need to 'psyche' myself .... Brainwash myself a lil.... I expect the beginning to be 'teething' !!! Lol

Even though I hv chosen a different kind of Career, a job is still a job...

Hope my boss will bear with me as I adjust. And I hope I will adjust quickly!!!

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