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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kaira's first visit to the dentist

In April I spotted decay on one of her tooth and decided to make an appt with the dentist I hv her teeth checked and cleaned.

Remember reading abt other kids visit to the school dental care centre and called for an appt. this being a subsidised service for school children, appt is rather difficult to get ;p could hv brought her to a pte clinic but I tot we could wait since the decay wasn't tat bad.

Glad we went today cos it was also an educational visit for kaira!! The Dentist presumably has a lot of experience with kids and she was very engaging and reassuring. Showing kaira the various tools, letting her touch the brush that is going to be used to clean kaira's teeth, so on and so forth. Plus the entire area was so well decorated and cheery looking, it looked like a fun plc to be in! Haha! In fact, after the visit kaira declared that she liked it and would like to visit the dentist again! Haha! And there I was worrying what her reaction will be. Phew!

Anyway, no filling was done. Did general cleaning and got a tube of tooth mousse to help with the decay .

Will have to monitor and have a follow up visit later in the year!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Feeling like (old) Newbie once again!!

Today, i went for a  "recce" --- of my new work place ; p

u know, check out how long the bus ride from home takes, how long is the walk from the bus stop to the mrt, compared that to taking the mrt etc etc

not that i don't know how to get to the new work place ... i hv been there a few times for different purposes.... but since it's now going to be work place, i think it's better for me be sure of timings etc.

while doing that, i felt like a newbie all over again. i am going into an office and be the "new colleague".  how "wonderful" a feeling is that?!?!?! hahaha, certainly not. 

o wellz,  since i have chosen to take the plunge, this is part and parcel of the plunge i suppose!! :))

Children's Season 2012

When i read about the children's season 2012 happening at various museums in the papers a couple of weeks back, i was excited! i think kaira will enjoy it and it looked like a great way to occupy her :)
plus there are special open house weekends with free admissions, double happiness :))

on friday nite, i made arrangements with bestie to meet at the Singapore Art Museum on Saturday morning ... but when i woke up on saturday morning, my body was aching so badly, i suspected that something was not quite right!! took my temperature and yup, i was running a fever..... sad :(  i was looking forward to the museum visit but i didn't think i could make that day.

Anywayz, Hubbie and Kaira went ahead to the Art Garden @ SAM and i am glad they had a great time!! :)

pity i couldn't make it.  i hope to bring her to the peranakan museum later in June.  she has a classmate who's peranakan and she has been asking "what" is a peranakan??

what did i do ?  i was in bed the ENTIRE day on Saturday.  skipped lunch and dinner except for 2 bowls of barley drink.  been a long time since i experience this aching joints and body feeling!! so bad so bad!!

anywayz, after one day of fighting the virus, i felt much better on Sunday - thank God! now, just hoping that my cough doesn't get worse and it will go away soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to work (soon)!

The last time I stepped into an office was in 2006 n at that time I was doing consulting/project work for my ex hkg boss.....Tat seems quite long ago huh??

The thot that I m going to step into an office again, brings both excitement n trepidation... Haha .... I dun know what to expect n how will I fare in that kind of environment again?? I hv been so carefree these years.... N my focus has been on my daughter...

I need to 'psyche' myself .... Brainwash myself a lil.... I expect the beginning to be 'teething' !!! Lol

Even though I hv chosen a different kind of Career, a job is still a job...

Hope my boss will bear with me as I adjust. And I hope I will adjust quickly!!!

Hong Kong May 2012 - Part 3

we didn't see much of hong kong (in terms of sights and touristy activities....) we saw alot of shopping malls and ate alot.

haha, yes, that's all we did.

come to think of it, this is the first time we are taking a city holiday with kaira.... not sure how she will behave .... thank God for her 2 frens Sophia and Aislinn whose company she enjoys tremendously.  otherwise, think she will not be so cooperative ;)

on the first day, we met my fren for breakfast at a 大排档 it was a rather warm morning so she wasn't the most keen.  and the first few questions/comments she made when we arrived at the place were "Why is it so dirty?" "Why do we have to share table with other people?" "the bowls and chopsticks are dirty"  (-_-) haha! didn't expect that from her!!

doesn't look very good.  but we liked it! our regular breakfast place when we were living in HKG  

We then went to a suburban shopping mall for some serious shopping.  It's located @ Kwai Fung MTR station, called Kwai Chung Plaza. Very crowded on a saturday afternoon -- so we know there must be lots of goodies to be found here!  just need to be brave and patient to find your treasure!! better if one has the whole day to do so and the stamina too! hahaha! thank God i had the help of a 军师 ..... else i may just leave empty handed ;) heehee.

That's really how our daily schedule looks -- meet frens for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  shopping in between. that's it! heehee.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I miss kaira already!!

today's the second day that kaira's taking the school bus to school.  i went for my driving lesson this morning and couldn't make it back in time to send her off.

guess what i did?  i decided to pop by her school, since it's quite on the way home and waited for her there... just to see how she behaves "independently"! ;p

hahaha .... talk about being attached!! always concern about how the little one can adapt.... i think i should be more concern about whether i can adapt!!

after 4+years of day-in day-out having her as company and "revolving" around..... it's exciting and scary at the same time -- this idea of going back to work.

let's see how things go! slightly more than a week before i embark on another phase of my life.

Whatever it brings --  I need to remind myself that every phase is an adventure.  Just enjoy and embrace.

Hong Kong May 2012 - Part 2

we essentially had 3.5days in hong kong and honestly, it's way too short.  especially for us.  to many friends we would love to meet but didn't get to do so.  too many sights which we want to see and reminiscence.  so much that i would like to eat. plus i have a shopping mission to accomplish.

in early 2004 when we first moved to hong kong. it was crowded.  too crowded i thought.

8 years later.  it is even more crowded!! I don't know how they manage to fit in so many people into Hong Kong! everywhere is crowded ALL of the time.  i thought maybe it would be better on a weekday but causeway bay was equally crowded!! *faints*

when we returned to Singapore last year i thought singapore has become as crowded as Hong Kong. I am wrong.  Hong Kong is way ahead of the curve compared to us!! ;p hahaha.

just like singapore, this increase in population is putting alot of pressure on the property prices.  that aside, i think generally the cost of living in Hong Kong today is lower compared to Singapore!!

You may disagree but this is based on my observations.

-- the cost of a bus ride from my place to causeway bay remains the same as 4 years ago -- not just the public bus but also the minibus 小巴 . in singapore, how many times have our public transport increased fares in the last 4 years ??
-- the facial wash/moisturiser that i use is 15% cheaper off the counter at Guardian equivalent.
-- clothes definitely cheaper especially casual wear
-- eating out -- i think it's comparable to singapore, if not cheaper.  there are of course expensive options, just have to make the right choices :)  only exception is our hawker centre, i think that's still a cheaper alternative.
-- electronic products are cheaper in HKG

times are a changing indeed!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yet another milestone in Kaira's life .....

Kaira took the schoolbus to school today.  Her first time and yes, another milestone in her life!!

this is in preparation for me returning to work.....

she did well today! hope she continues this way! :)

Hong Kong May 2012

We made a rather last minute decision to visit hong kong and was there 18-22 may.

We have not been back there since we left in March 2008 and I was kind of looking forward to it!

And it was indeed a nostalgic trip....  hong kong didn't seem to have changed.... So it was like a lil like coming home, yet not really home. Complicated, I know ! Heehee.

We booked a CX flight+hotel package and I m really very pleased with that decision!!! since we were familiar with hong kong, we initially thought of staying at a less touristy/central location, in the hope of getting better prices for the room .....but hong kong room rates are quite pricey these days..... so when i saw the CX promo with packages starting from 500+ for flight and 2N stay in hotels in western area hong kong, i spied a good deal!

eventually decided to stay at causeway bay since we do not have much time in hong kong and i think it's better to stay in a convenient and central area plus, it fits into my mission for this trip!! hahaha.

and what's the mission?? wellz, i am starting a contract job in june and really needed to a brand new wardrobe!! i have no shoes, no clothes, no bags suitable for work.  :( so heehee, hong kong seems the perfect place to help me with the mission.  i had initially planned to bring kaira to Ocean Park on Monday, but we scrapped that cos mission wasn't completed by Sunday and we needed monday to complete the mission!! haha!!

guess she will hv to wait for another trip to enjoy Ocean Park! but i think she still found this trip fun cos she had fun with her 2 frens!!

it was good trip overall :) more updates to come :) 

causeway bay

Sheung Wan


Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank God the crying days are behind us!

Really glad that since a couple of weeks ago, kaira has finally overcome her crying before school .... :)

This sheet of paper is but one of a few sheets that we had... I started this chart with the aim of encouraging her to stop crying and incentivising her positive behaviour but it didn't really work as u can see....

Keeping a picture of it as a form of memory!! ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Experiencing something new at STPI

Thanks to bestie A, we manage to attend the open house today at Singapore Tyler Printing Institute (STPI).

Kaira was fortunate to try for herself silkscreen painting, rice paper printing and one other technique which i can't remember what's its called ;p

In fact it was a new experience for us parents too ! Pity we were a lil pressed for time n couldn't take part in all the demonstrations! Guess we will hv to wait till the next open house!

Something I observed, there were more foreigner kids participating today than locals ;p where r all the locals ?!?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

am reminded of the term "chao mugger" today....

took my advanced driving theory test today. another hurdle crossed ..... now left with one hurdle, the most challenging one i suppose -- the driving practical test.

not sure when i will take it....  ;p

and why the term "chao mugger"???  cos i wish passing the practicial test is as simple as the theory test .... all i need to do is MUG MUG MUG :D haha!