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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Why should I obey u mum?

Yesterday, my dear 4+ year old princess asked me this question.

'why should I follow what u say?' she asked again.

My lil' gal is growing up do fast n experiencing so much emotions I sometimes do not know to deal with.

Methods that worked in the past may not necessarily work now n as parents we must change n keep up with changing times or should I say changing kids ;p

I always hv to remind myself to keep an open mind but it's not that easy cos I often fall into the 'I m the parent, I must be rite' mindset ..... Haizzzz

Just take the last few days for example... It started off rather 'innocently', kaira appeared to be misbehaving n I 'scolded' n nagged at her to 'obey' me. When she didn't, the cane came out. But nothing seed to work. She was in a very bad mood most of the time n every little incident can erupt n become a wAr bête she n me. Very tiring.

I was exasperated n angry n irritated.... Why is she do 'disobedient'??? I tot.

Nothing I can do but pray and pray... N probably feeling a lil better after that, I changed tactic with her n had a heart-to-heart talk with her one nite..,. N tat was when she asked this question .

Seriously, it is a challenge ... Trying my best to bring her up when I myself have so much to learn and unlearn.

Thankful that I hv this opportunity to grow with my daughter n I pray that she will always be able to confide in me n her papa n that we will remain loving 'best frens' always!!

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