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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Visit to Hay's goat farm

Last minute decision to bring kaira to a goat farm this morning before heading to in-laws place for lunch.

I didn't really know what to expect as its my first time as well to a goat farm in Singapore.

Very different from the ones we visit in Europe as the goats are all caged and people are not allowed close contact with the goats.

Kaira's first few questions when we reached were 'why can't we go near the goats?' 'why cannot pet the goats?' 'why the fence?'

Think she misses the close-up experience that she gets in Netherlands in the petting zoo.

She then wistfully says that the fur of the goat is very soft n nice to touch.....

Guess we r getting used to a different norm living in SG.

Honestly, there's nothing much to do on the farm besides viewing the milking session n tasting the goat's milk.....add a short walk ard the farm and we took all-in 30 minutes only... Heehee.

Would we be going back anytime soon? Doubt it.... Plus I don't fancy taste of goat milk!! ;p

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