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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tea - part 2

Had the opportunity to have tea with frens on different ocassions -- guess that's the benefit of not working, very flexible timings ;p

I know I should not be surprised but every time I m greeted by packed Cafes on weekdays , I can't help but wonder why r all these people not at work???? Hahaha, pot calling the kettle rite?? Y am I not working???

And unfortunately, some of the places I hv the been, I don't understand y they r doing such gd business ;p heehee

Whatever it is, this hustle n bustle is really testament to singapore's strong economy. And contributing factor to why foreigners r attracted to sg and it's 'success' story.

I hope Singapore economy stays strong for more years to come. When the music stops, it's gonna be very painful for many......

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