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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is the 'crying' phase finally over ????

I m referring to kaira's crying ritual which takes place everyday just before she enters the classroom.

It has been a loooong 4+ months that I've learned to take it one day at a time and not be too hopeful. She will occasionally not cry but those were rare days and after a day or 2 of no crying, she reverts back to her crying.

Why does she cry? Honestly, during the first few weeks and even first 2 mths, I was quite concerned n tried ways and means to 'help' her.... To try to identify the cause of her crying n how I can help. And whether I should change school etc etc.

After some time, I realise her crying became like a habit n at times, they were crocodile tears!

I told myself that one day she will stop I just hv to bear with it :p when we do talk abt her crying kaira tells me that she doesn't know why she is crying ... That she just felt like crying :( and that she likes her school n frens. So I guess, I juz need to be patient....

And so, today marks ths 3rd day that she didn't cry when I drop her off at school.

I hope this really marks an end to her crying phase n that a new beginning is here.

I am also looking forward to a new phase in my life! Let's c how things go :)

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