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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heartwarming Feedback from Kaira's Teacher

It has been a long 4 months and Kaira's teacher was sharing with me today how she can see that Kaira has finally accepted the "difference" in schooling methods and that she has finally warmed up to her classmates and teachers and that her "real" personality is shining through.... versus an unsure and easily agitated kaira in the early days.

The teacher was sharing with me how Kaira displays compassion and lovingkindness towards one of her classmates who is autistic. How she will make the effort to speak with the boy and include him in the general activities when other kids do not.  Considering that she's the "new" kid in the class, some of the other kids were classmates with the autistic child from nursery class...... the teacher was just touched by her sweetness and loving heart.

Me too..... felt so proud of my gal when i heard the feedback from the teacher.  Thank God for a very sensible and loving daughter. Pray that God will continue to fill her with His Love; that she will continue to walk with the Lord and follow His ways.  That she will have the confidence to know that she has a provider and protector whereever she may be.  So she will be free to love and be loved.

Of course there were many times when i am just so irritated by kaira and her stubborn-ness; her throwing of tantrums (screaming and shouting) when she doesn't get her way and her unwillingness to listen to my instructions....... but yet, she displays such loving ways and maturity at times that i have to remind myself that i should not focus on the negatives and must learn to be more patient towards her as well.  for her character is one that 吃软不吃硬.  when i try to "discipline" her, she immediately closes up and becomes very uncooperative.

of course, doesn't mean that if i talk to her nicely, she will respond, sometimes she takes advantage of my "niceness"!!!

so yes, it's a balance and i am learning to "control" the "kite" --- praying for God's wisdom everyday.  Some days i do ok.  some days not so well :(

but i am really grateful that i have had the opportunity to be home with kaira the last 4+ years and that i have the privilege of being the first to know/hear of what's happening to her and sometimes seeing it for myself.  Priceless.

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