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Friday, March 02, 2012

Technology transforms

It's 10am and I m having a cuppa of tea at Starbucks after dropping kaira off at her Chinese class. Besides blogging, I m checking on stock prices, reading the news, checking emails etc on my iPhone.

Surrounding me 4 out of 5 people are engrossed in the handheld smart device.

I sometimes wonder what they r up to?? ;) even when they hv company. They r not talking, juz bz typing away. Hee.

In netherlands, I hv to say this is not a common sight. In fact, I never saw the need for a smartphone when we were living there.

When I first got my iPhone I wondered what was the big deal ??? Now, I totally appreciate the smartphone.... Wherever one is. One can hv access to news/info as one fancies. Liberating. Not confined to a location. 'freedom' on the go !

Or is it really freedom? Or slave to yet another thing in my live?? Haha! Sometimes it's gd to be simple. Yet to keep up with times means the need to embrace otherwise will we be left behind??? I wonder.....

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