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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scooting around

when kaira's 2 wheel bike first arrived in singapore in December, she was very excited as she remembered that she could cycle it just before we left netherlands.... we found time only end Jan to bring her cycling and haha! she has kind of lost her sense of balance and was back to square one.... had to learn all over again.  of course, it was easier this time and after a few practice session, she  finally FULLY mastered her 2 wheel bike and thanks to hubbie's diligence on saturday mornings she can even start off independently now. 

Anyway, she now has a new love -- the scooter. today's her new first experience on the 2-wheel scooter and from the looks of it, it has overtaken the bicycle as her preferred mode of transport :)

Must say that she has a good sense of balance....quite unlike her mum ;)

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