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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaira's annual haircut

When we were living in the Netherlands, kaira gets her 'major' haircut whenever we r back in Singapore n that will last her the whole year till we r back in sg again ;)

During the year I juz trim her fringe... Heehee

I like her in long hair.... So have been procrastinating.... Bringing her for a trim. ;p

So since we have abit of spare time before school we pop into one of these $10 haircut place for her trim. Finished in less than 10mins! Super efficient :)

She looks so serious ya??? Couldn't get her to smile st all!! Haha.

Anyways, this trim should last her for a yr or so.... :D heehee


mf said...

I miss those good $10 haircuts in Sg! My recent $35 haircut was so ugly :(

Ms Long said...

u know, when i was living in netherlands i get an annual haircut too, just like jaira! it's not easy to find a hairdresser whose cut i like... so i rather not risk it ;p so for almost a year, i only trim my fringe ;p and that lasted for 4 years... heehee