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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Did i just mention in my last post that kaira's on a one-week school break??


i just found out today from the teacher that the school doesn't observe the march, june and september school breaks!! only the year end school break!

how did i miss this vital information? that the fees we pay covers the "holiday" programs?!?

sometimes i just have to laugh at myself  ;)

me and another mummy in school are the blur ones -- we were discussing abt the school break and both our kids didn't turn up this week for class ....!!

and how did i find out? wellz, there's a scheduled outing this week for the kids and i have signed kaira up for it.  so teacher sees kaira today and says "O we missed you kaira!! where did u go the last 2 days??" i am like "Huh?? there's school"

wellz, heehee, yup, there's school indeed! 

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