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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Papa's trying to 'win' kaira over....

Haha, now that we r back in sg n have bought our apt, hubbie is 'plotting' his way to ensure a fish tank in our new home! ;p

I understand this is a common tactic of fathers!! ;)

What better way then to win over the dotter n get her interested in fish ad well?

It was a rainy morning this morning so we decided to head to Qian Hu fish farm, singapore's premier fish farm I suppose??? Kaira loved it.

I think it is a given, that our new plc will hv a fish tank! ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One thing i don't miss about singapore.....

THAT sweaty feeling when i am doing housework...... especially when i am mopping the floor. (-_-)

but i can console myselt that i am burning off calories and fats whilst doing so!!  ; )

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scooting around

when kaira's 2 wheel bike first arrived in singapore in December, she was very excited as she remembered that she could cycle it just before we left netherlands.... we found time only end Jan to bring her cycling and haha! she has kind of lost her sense of balance and was back to square one.... had to learn all over again.  of course, it was easier this time and after a few practice session, she  finally FULLY mastered her 2 wheel bike and thanks to hubbie's diligence on saturday mornings she can even start off independently now. 

Anyway, she now has a new love -- the scooter. today's her new first experience on the 2-wheel scooter and from the looks of it, it has overtaken the bicycle as her preferred mode of transport :)

Must say that she has a good sense of balance....quite unlike her mum ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaira's annual haircut

When we were living in the Netherlands, kaira gets her 'major' haircut whenever we r back in Singapore n that will last her the whole year till we r back in sg again ;)

During the year I juz trim her fringe... Heehee

I like her in long hair.... So have been procrastinating.... Bringing her for a trim. ;p

So since we have abit of spare time before school we pop into one of these $10 haircut place for her trim. Finished in less than 10mins! Super efficient :)

She looks so serious ya??? Couldn't get her to smile st all!! Haha.

Anyways, this trim should last her for a yr or so.... :D heehee

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What do I miss about the Netherlands??

Someone asked me this question today n coincidentally I was talking to hubbie abt this a couple of days ago..... I miss his working hours in Europe!!!!!!

The work-life balance in Europe cannot be beaten... Seriously.

In Eindhoven he is usually home 6+ maybe 7 when he is real bz. And although he does work fr home in the nite when we were in Europe it's nothing compared to the hours he puts in in sg.

Maybe the situation is compounded by the fact he is in a new role.... O well, whatever.

Juz need to get used to a new norm ;)

Can't hv our cake and eat it all the time ;D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Did i just mention in my last post that kaira's on a one-week school break??


i just found out today from the teacher that the school doesn't observe the march, june and september school breaks!! only the year end school break!

how did i miss this vital information? that the fees we pay covers the "holiday" programs?!?

sometimes i just have to laugh at myself  ;)

me and another mummy in school are the blur ones -- we were discussing abt the school break and both our kids didn't turn up this week for class ....!!

and how did i find out? wellz, there's a scheduled outing this week for the kids and i have signed kaira up for it.  so teacher sees kaira today and says "O we missed you kaira!! where did u go the last 2 days??" i am like "Huh?? there's school"

wellz, heehee, yup, there's school indeed! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zoo Zoo Let's Go (Again)

as some of you know, we signed up to be "Friends of the Zoo", so we visited the zoo again on Monday as this week Kaira's having her one-week school break.

did something new this time -- she got the chance (or rather, we paid S$5 for the chance) to feed wallaby/kangaroo .... :p yes yes, nothing's free in Singapore!

Thank God for a rather cloudy day -- so at least we weren't sooooooooooooooooo tired at the end of the day.... we went with another fren and his 2 gals and i think they had lots of fun! not sure abt the parents tho! ;p tired out at the end of the day but i bet we will be going to the zoo again very soon ;) heehee.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Kaira's first pair of flip flops

In hot and casual Singapore, slippers/flip flops or whatever u call it, is essential! It brings us everywhere..... Except well.... Some 'high class' places!! ;p Kekeke .

They had matching ones for the adults but fortunately I exercised some self restraint ;D haha!

They r so adorable.... Thank God I hv the opportunity to dress up my princess!!

Technology transforms

It's 10am and I m having a cuppa of tea at Starbucks after dropping kaira off at her Chinese class. Besides blogging, I m checking on stock prices, reading the news, checking emails etc on my iPhone.

Surrounding me 4 out of 5 people are engrossed in the handheld smart device.

I sometimes wonder what they r up to?? ;) even when they hv company. They r not talking, juz bz typing away. Hee.

In netherlands, I hv to say this is not a common sight. In fact, I never saw the need for a smartphone when we were living there.

When I first got my iPhone I wondered what was the big deal ??? Now, I totally appreciate the smartphone.... Wherever one is. One can hv access to news/info as one fancies. Liberating. Not confined to a location. 'freedom' on the go !

Or is it really freedom? Or slave to yet another thing in my live?? Haha! Sometimes it's gd to be simple. Yet to keep up with times means the need to embrace otherwise will we be left behind??? I wonder.....