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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unexpected weight loss :)

I m quite pleased to discover that I hv lost some weight despite eating lots these days! In sg, difficult not to 'gorge'!!

I think it's all thanks to my daily walking exercise (well almost daily lah) n weekly swimming while kaira is having her lesson.

One day i juz decided to try on a blouse that dear hubbie bought almost one yr ago for me from Bangkok .... Which was too tight for me then.... Was pleasantly surprised that I couldd wear it now!! Heehee.... Very happy me!! totally unexpected as i didn't think i look slimmer now than before.  and i haven't stepped on a weighing scale since i am back.

(i almost gave the blouse away, but it was too big for sister in law and mother in law and my mum felt it was too small for her!) 

Yeah!! 50-60 minutes a walk + 30 minutes swim a week....... i shall try to keep it up! :)

我 为了这小事开心了好几天!! 女人就是女人! 哈哈!

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