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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hum Drum Dee Dum....

and so, life has settled into a routine of sorts for us.

i have heard of the busy lives of toddlers in singapore -- weekends filled with all sorts of enrichment activities..... mostly to enhance the tots chances of gaining a headstart in school ;p

much as i tell myself to try and refrain from saddling kaira with too much of these enrichment classes.... her weekend is nevertheless a busy one!!

she has gym class on Saturday morning and swimming in the afternoon :) she enjoys them both, especially the gym class! my hope that she grows up strong and healthy with all the foundations of physical activity :)

swimming is a continuation of what we have started in the netherlands -  didn't want to stop the momentum.  she still can't swim without help.. looking forward to the day when she can swim independently! :)

the one enrichment class i have committed her to is her weekly Chinese enrichment lesson on friday mornings for ard 1h45min. Thank God she loves the class and enjoys it thoroughly.  the irony of being back in singapore is that her chinese deteriorated significantly after only 3 to 4 weeks back here!

funny isn't it?

guess it's because in netherlands, alot of my frens are taiwanese or chinese (from china) and they tend to speak only mandarin rather than a mixture of english and mandarin.  In Singapore, the natural tendency is to converse in english more than in mandarin. even my parents speak to her in english, so her exposure to mandarin is really limited.

and after a few weeks in singapore, when i speak in Mandarin to kaira, she would choose to reply me in english and asked me to speak english instead! *faints* in addition, i could tell that her Chinese sentence construction was slower and she had difficult picking the right words.  for a while, she even "rejected" her favorite chinese cartoon (which she loved to watch when we were in the netherlands), preferring the english ones!!

*warning lights went flashing* -- i had to do something to address this.  i am proud to say that she had a good chinese foundation and i wasn't prepared for her to lose that! so, yes, i decided to sign her up for chinese enrichment! so far, that's the only academic enrichment i've signed her up for..... let's see how things go!

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