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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Feeling the blues.....

but here's 2 lovely blue things to remind me that not everything's blue!!

technically, i think this is purple! but haha, whatever!

this flower is used to color nonya kuehs (peranakan desserts) to give the a blue hue.... very lovely :)

this flower is known as the blue pea flower or clitoria or in local terms, Bunga Telang. when we move into our own place, i hope to be able to grow them! then, i will have a supply of natural blue food coloring!! yeah!

have u seen the blue kueh kueh before?  here's a link : 

i simply love to eat this kueh with kaya (coconut jam) -- it's yummmmiiee!!

i have lived in singapore for so many years and yet, this is the first time i have seen this bird around!! geeezz, i must have moved around with my eyes closed in the past!! LOL.

pity i couldn't catch a closer shot of its beautiful body colors... bright blue hue! love it. 

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