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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Driver-to-be : Me

yes yes, after putting this off for YEARS (i mean, since i was 18!!!), i've finally enrolled myself for driving lessons.

passed my basic theory test abt 2 weeks ago and started my first lesson yesterday.

All i can say is this, there is a reason why i've put off learning how to drive.

it's such a feat trying to coordinate my feet and hands and eyes!!! LOLOL. 

after the 2 hour driving lesson, i am totally tired out ;) haha.

if not for the fact that there is always the possibility of hubbie working overseas (europe or US) again, i don't think i will torture myself going for driving lessons ;p kekeke. but i guess this is something i have to learn since i may need to live overseas again. 

today i went for my second lesson -- slightly better than yesterday but still, i wish my feet and hands coordinate better ! ;)

but at least my car can start lah.

 the instructor mentioned that on average around 20 lessons before one takes the practical test -- i am thinking 20 lessons is too few no??!??

hee. anywayz, let's see how things go.  3rd lesson next week! think i shall take it easy next week and go only for 1 lesson.

Final theory test coming up in May.  maybe i can aim for a practical test in June or something!! and if i fail then, i have plenty of time to retake and make it before my 40th birthday!!! ;)

o, did i mention this before : when i first enrolled for the driving lessons, i casually wondered aloud to hubbie whether i will get my licence before my 40th birthday.  HE, let out a shocked laughterand said something to the effect that my 40th birthday is a long way from February and it'd be "terrible" if i don't pass by then. (-_-)

He doesn't know how bad my hand, eye, feet coordination is! :D

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