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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day @ Universal Studios

One word - T.I.R.I.N.G.

not that it is a very big park u know.  according to my frens, it's probably smaller than HK Disneyland.  I've never been to HK Disneyland but i believe it should be so, cos it's really quite a small plc and i think can definitely see it all in one day, provided the queues are not snaking long.

but i think the reason it's very tiring is because of the heat and humidity!! those 2 are the killers and really zapped the energy out of me!! even hubbie said he was "peng san" when we parted ways with our friends @ 9+pm.

i spent the entire saturday afternoon sleeping!! trying to recuperate from the previous day out @ universal studios!! LOLOL.  very 没用!!!

was commenting to hubbie that we didn't feel that tired @ disney did we??  he concluded it was the weather.  coool weather helps mightily! haha.

we started the day ard 930am when we met for breakfast @ Vivocity before heading into Universal.

i've never been to a universal studio before or sea world or whatever theme park for that matter -- only to disney ;p so i didn't really know what to expect and subconsciously benchmarked against disney ;p

personally, i think the rides are not that toddler friendly..... more suited for older kids and adults :)

and it was even worse for kaira who simply disliked the speeeed! she is probably still traumatised from the Crush Coaster ride we took @ Disney studios!  permanently scarred from that experience that she's afraid of the dark and speed.  every ride was a "torture" for her except the carousel and the very slow car ride ! haha.

we all loved the transformers ride -- it was awesome!! would gladly go for round 2 if not deterred by the queue! we queued ard 45mins for the ride i think.

another ride that was required a long wait time was the Canopy flyer -- we queued 45 mins too -- but my conclusion is that it's not worth!!! the ride was short -- really really short!! and not that great.... could rather spend the time on something else!

the Jurassic park rapids adventure is quite nice too. i liked that too.

my tougher frens took the roller coaster ride .... i gave that a miss! i too, am still traumatised by Crush Coaster ride! hahaha.

we ended the day with dinner and by the time we reached home it was almost 10pm.  actually that night i didn't feel that tired, i even watched TV till past midnight.

it was only the next day that i felt that i have had an energy zapping day the day before!! ;)

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