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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Driver-to-be : Me

yes yes, after putting this off for YEARS (i mean, since i was 18!!!), i've finally enrolled myself for driving lessons.

passed my basic theory test abt 2 weeks ago and started my first lesson yesterday.

All i can say is this, there is a reason why i've put off learning how to drive.

it's such a feat trying to coordinate my feet and hands and eyes!!! LOLOL. 

after the 2 hour driving lesson, i am totally tired out ;) haha.

if not for the fact that there is always the possibility of hubbie working overseas (europe or US) again, i don't think i will torture myself going for driving lessons ;p kekeke. but i guess this is something i have to learn since i may need to live overseas again. 

today i went for my second lesson -- slightly better than yesterday but still, i wish my feet and hands coordinate better ! ;)

but at least my car can start lah.

 the instructor mentioned that on average around 20 lessons before one takes the practical test -- i am thinking 20 lessons is too few no??!??

hee. anywayz, let's see how things go.  3rd lesson next week! think i shall take it easy next week and go only for 1 lesson.

Final theory test coming up in May.  maybe i can aim for a practical test in June or something!! and if i fail then, i have plenty of time to retake and make it before my 40th birthday!!! ;)

o, did i mention this before : when i first enrolled for the driving lessons, i casually wondered aloud to hubbie whether i will get my licence before my 40th birthday.  HE, let out a shocked laughterand said something to the effect that my 40th birthday is a long way from February and it'd be "terrible" if i don't pass by then. (-_-)

He doesn't know how bad my hand, eye, feet coordination is! :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unexpected weight loss :)

I m quite pleased to discover that I hv lost some weight despite eating lots these days! In sg, difficult not to 'gorge'!!

I think it's all thanks to my daily walking exercise (well almost daily lah) n weekly swimming while kaira is having her lesson.

One day i juz decided to try on a blouse that dear hubbie bought almost one yr ago for me from Bangkok .... Which was too tight for me then.... Was pleasantly surprised that I couldd wear it now!! Heehee.... Very happy me!! totally unexpected as i didn't think i look slimmer now than before.  and i haven't stepped on a weighing scale since i am back.

(i almost gave the blouse away, but it was too big for sister in law and mother in law and my mum felt it was too small for her!) 

Yeah!! 50-60 minutes a walk + 30 minutes swim a week....... i shall try to keep it up! :)

我 为了这小事开心了好几天!! 女人就是女人! 哈哈!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Singapore can be seriously hot n humid at times.... Scorching hot it can be! What better way to cool down then delicious ice cream.

I remember when i was young, we usually buy ice-cream from the ice-cream uncle from his motorcyle ice-cream cart .... these days, there are more and more specialty ice-cream/gelato shops popping up..... so much more high-class liao! ;)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kaira and her Dutch

wellz, sadly, her dutch is non-existent now.

from a toddler who can speak dutch relatively well and hold conversations with the dutch natives, she has now relegated her dutch into a small corner of her brain, waiting for the opportunity to have a dutch re-awakening......! haha.

even her chinese is getting affected, what more her dutch! although she will occassionally break into dutch songs but really rare!

i know i know, i could try to look for dutch playgroups for her, pity for her to lose it. but sometimes i think,maybe better off for her to learn another 3rd language! haha! ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hum Drum Dee Dum....

and so, life has settled into a routine of sorts for us.

i have heard of the busy lives of toddlers in singapore -- weekends filled with all sorts of enrichment activities..... mostly to enhance the tots chances of gaining a headstart in school ;p

much as i tell myself to try and refrain from saddling kaira with too much of these enrichment classes.... her weekend is nevertheless a busy one!!

she has gym class on Saturday morning and swimming in the afternoon :) she enjoys them both, especially the gym class! my hope that she grows up strong and healthy with all the foundations of physical activity :)

swimming is a continuation of what we have started in the netherlands -  didn't want to stop the momentum.  she still can't swim without help.. looking forward to the day when she can swim independently! :)

the one enrichment class i have committed her to is her weekly Chinese enrichment lesson on friday mornings for ard 1h45min. Thank God she loves the class and enjoys it thoroughly.  the irony of being back in singapore is that her chinese deteriorated significantly after only 3 to 4 weeks back here!

funny isn't it?

guess it's because in netherlands, alot of my frens are taiwanese or chinese (from china) and they tend to speak only mandarin rather than a mixture of english and mandarin.  In Singapore, the natural tendency is to converse in english more than in mandarin. even my parents speak to her in english, so her exposure to mandarin is really limited.

and after a few weeks in singapore, when i speak in Mandarin to kaira, she would choose to reply me in english and asked me to speak english instead! *faints* in addition, i could tell that her Chinese sentence construction was slower and she had difficult picking the right words.  for a while, she even "rejected" her favorite chinese cartoon (which she loved to watch when we were in the netherlands), preferring the english ones!!

*warning lights went flashing* -- i had to do something to address this.  i am proud to say that she had a good chinese foundation and i wasn't prepared for her to lose that! so, yes, i decided to sign her up for chinese enrichment! so far, that's the only academic enrichment i've signed her up for..... let's see how things go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kaira the superhero!

She absolutely loves this pair of "spectacles" she made in class.

Friday, February 10, 2012

more about the blues....

and so, i have been praying. for wisdom, for patience. with regards to Kaira's persistent crying when i drop her off @ school.

o how i wish i have the solution to help her stop.

and then, i had the moment of epiphany! ha! => In His time, He makes all things beautiful.

So yes babe, i am not going to try to stop you from crying anymore. if you need to cry, just go ahead and cry.  cry for as long as you want!! until you are ready to stop. yes, i will still continue to nag you about why you have absolutely no reason to cry.  yes, i will continue to "help" you as much as i can because i love you.  but i am not going to pressurise you to stop crying.  you can cry all you want, to your heart's content until you are ready to stop.

i don't know why you are going through this period but I believe the Lord has a purpose. and He will accomplish whatever He needs to/wants to in you.  In His Time, He Makes All Things Beautiful. Amen.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

why the blues.......

i mentioned in my earlier post that i was feeling the blues... why?  when i am back where i want to be?

wellz, it's more because of little kaira.  i mentioned earlier about her rought first week @ school.  after that things improved and i thought that all should go smoothly.

unfortunately, 3rd week into school and she's been crying almost everyday when i drop her off @ school.

i'm honestly quite discouraged and troubled by this prolonged crying.

considering that she was always very happy to go to school when we were in the netherlands, this prolonged bout of crying is making me feel down.

i've tried all i can, humanly speaking, to try to help and nothing seems to work.  of course, i've been praying for her too, but it seems like God has his own timing with regards to her and i pray that whatever the reason for her crying, He will accomplish whatever He wants through her and believe that He's using this period to help her to grow and toughen up.

It's tough to see hear cry everyday. and as she's older, she seems more stubborn compared to when she's younger.... more difficult to "con"vince her now ;)

the last few weeks, i speak with her everyday about her crying, hoping to establish the reason(s) and seeing how i can help her overcome it/them.

-- she tells me it's because there's alot of writing and worksheets and works to be done @ class and that she doesn't like it.  she wants to go back to the netherlands (-_-)

==> i've tried explaining to her that it's ok if she doesn't know how to do certain things.  that the reason we go to school is to learn from the teachers.  so it's ok to be wrong and that the teacher is there to help us and correct us so that we can learn. 
==> she initially has some issues about being corrected and feels very insecure each time she makes a mistakes but i think she's better now and accepting that we all make mistakes

-- she tells me too that she's afraid of one of the teachers because she talks very loudly/shouts /too big sized (i think i mentioned that in an earlier post)

==> having spoken to her, i can see that she's quite ok with the teacher now and she can hug her etc.  but somehow, there's that psychological barrier that she needs to overcome and she still sometimes tells me that she doesn't like that particular teacher very much compared to the rest of the teachers.
-- then she tells me it's because it's more fun to be @ home and she doesn't want to go to school

-- some days she tells me it's because she loves me and wants to be with me and she wants me to stay in class with her

==> is this the "price to pay" for being a stay-home mum??!? o wellz.

these are the 4 main reason she has given me.

i've tried addressing each of them by talking to her, giving her analogies, trying to build up her confidence/security...... as these are done when we are home, she seems to understand at the moment in time but the moment we reached school, she will still cry and no matter what i say doesn't get to her anymore.

in fact, when i asked her about school, she tells me that she enjoys the activities at school.  and she's even into writing at home these days because of the worksheets in school. and just like in netherlands, she will play act at home, what happens in school.  so it seems to be that she is doing ok.
and whenever i pick her up from school , she tells me she has had a good day and she liked school and she's always jolly and cheerful.

O, her crying stops when i leave and she's with the class.... it does take a while for her to calm down but she will join the rest and i've seen her in action --very talkative and answering the teacher's questions and so forth.  so i am really not sure why she's crying...... initially, i thought it could be that she's not confident of certain activities in class but according to the teachers, she does them quite well @ class.  so i don't really know what's the problem.  could it be the trying first week @ school and negative "first impression" during the first week that ruined her impression of school?  and caused her to fear stepping into class?? i really don't know.  i am praying.  that this is a phase. i really want her to enjoy her time in school. are really such a mystery sometimes.....

i am trying the reward/punishment method -- if she doesn't cry, she gets a smiley face, stickers and something special each time.  if she cries, she gets a sad face and i will "beat" her palm with the cane.  doesn't seem to have effect so far!!!

i've tried letting her bring a "friend" to class - it worked for one day, then she's back to her crying self.

honestly, i seem to have exhausted all my means of helping her.

i was initially reluctant to change school for her as i believed that she can overcome this and she should be given the opportunity to work through this period rather than "escaping" from it.  however, after this prolonged period (when she first started going to nursery in the netherlands, she cried only 4 times and thereafter, it was a breeze.  for her other classes in singapore, she doesn't cry either), i even contemplated changing schools for her.... thinking i could be wrong! however, before we change school, i had to manage her expectations so i told her that even by changing schools, i cannot guarantee that there will be "less" work or that the teachers will not be "fierce" sometimes etc.  And she told me she doesn't want to change school (-_-)

so, i am left with facing a crying child everyday when i drop her off @ school.  very tiring when it becomes a daily affair.  i hope she will overcome this quickly and by her own choice.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

miss my oven.......

was at the bookstore yesterday and saw this cookbook.... and suddenly it dawned on me that i miss my oven!! and pottering around in my own kitchen!!

not that there's no kitchen here in my parents place... but different lah ..... i don't even cook these days ... my parents do a great job :)

what have i "cooked" so far in singapore?? nothing .... O. except make ondeh ondeh and 镘头 !  heehee. so lucky rite, no need to cook?!?!

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Still remember this place was once so quiet and pathetic, nobody really wanted to be seen there ;p  now?!

it's bustling....more with foreigners i think.  and i think the developers and management has done a good job, it's a really pretty sight @ night. lots of restaurants, pubs and so forth. i was there recently for a lo-hei (CNY) dinner.

waiting for the opportunity to bring kaira to take the water taxi that plies the river.... think she will enjoy that! :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Feeling the blues.....

but here's 2 lovely blue things to remind me that not everything's blue!!

technically, i think this is purple! but haha, whatever!

this flower is used to color nonya kuehs (peranakan desserts) to give the a blue hue.... very lovely :)

this flower is known as the blue pea flower or clitoria or in local terms, Bunga Telang. when we move into our own place, i hope to be able to grow them! then, i will have a supply of natural blue food coloring!! yeah!

have u seen the blue kueh kueh before?  here's a link : 

i simply love to eat this kueh with kaya (coconut jam) -- it's yummmmiiee!!

i have lived in singapore for so many years and yet, this is the first time i have seen this bird around!! geeezz, i must have moved around with my eyes closed in the past!! LOL.

pity i couldn't catch a closer shot of its beautiful body colors... bright blue hue! love it. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day @ Universal Studios

One word - T.I.R.I.N.G.

not that it is a very big park u know.  according to my frens, it's probably smaller than HK Disneyland.  I've never been to HK Disneyland but i believe it should be so, cos it's really quite a small plc and i think can definitely see it all in one day, provided the queues are not snaking long.

but i think the reason it's very tiring is because of the heat and humidity!! those 2 are the killers and really zapped the energy out of me!! even hubbie said he was "peng san" when we parted ways with our friends @ 9+pm.

i spent the entire saturday afternoon sleeping!! trying to recuperate from the previous day out @ universal studios!! LOLOL.  very 没用!!!

was commenting to hubbie that we didn't feel that tired @ disney did we??  he concluded it was the weather.  coool weather helps mightily! haha.

we started the day ard 930am when we met for breakfast @ Vivocity before heading into Universal.

i've never been to a universal studio before or sea world or whatever theme park for that matter -- only to disney ;p so i didn't really know what to expect and subconsciously benchmarked against disney ;p

personally, i think the rides are not that toddler friendly..... more suited for older kids and adults :)

and it was even worse for kaira who simply disliked the speeeed! she is probably still traumatised from the Crush Coaster ride we took @ Disney studios!  permanently scarred from that experience that she's afraid of the dark and speed.  every ride was a "torture" for her except the carousel and the very slow car ride ! haha.

we all loved the transformers ride -- it was awesome!! would gladly go for round 2 if not deterred by the queue! we queued ard 45mins for the ride i think.

another ride that was required a long wait time was the Canopy flyer -- we queued 45 mins too -- but my conclusion is that it's not worth!!! the ride was short -- really really short!! and not that great.... could rather spend the time on something else!

the Jurassic park rapids adventure is quite nice too. i liked that too.

my tougher frens took the roller coaster ride .... i gave that a miss! i too, am still traumatised by Crush Coaster ride! hahaha.

we ended the day with dinner and by the time we reached home it was almost 10pm.  actually that night i didn't feel that tired, i even watched TV till past midnight.

it was only the next day that i felt that i have had an energy zapping day the day before!! ;)