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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Unexpected "Dramatic" 2nd Day .....

after i spoke with Kaira yesterday, i honestly didn't expect any "problem" for her 2nd day in school.

i thought i had found the "root cause" and addressed the issue with her.... and she was actually quite cheery the whole of this morning and had no problem whatsoever as we prepare to make our way to school after lunch.

the drama started after she went into the class.  as she's in the class with one of the teacher(let's called her Teacher B) , i stepped aside to speak to another teacher (Teacher A) to just share with her what i gathered from kaira yesterday.  after a couple of minutes, i could hear kaira crying and screaming for me. she wanted to go home and kept saying that she didn't want to go school.

tried to pacify her at the same time find out exactly what is troubling her.  she gave me lots of reasons.... that this school is different from the netherlands school, that the class is "too long", that the school is not fun etc etc.  after listening to her, and talking to her, she seemed to be ok to go back to class.  but the moment she's at the door, she started crying again.  i had to carry her and guess what, while i carried her, she vomitted onto me!! yucks.

my hair, shirt, handbag was bathed in her vomit. disgusting really. i had to borrow a blouse from one of the teachers.

but after the vomitting and cleaning up, she seemed to be better and she finally told me WHY she doesn't want to go to the class

she's afraid of ONE of the teachers. why is she afraid?? i am not exactly sure but based on what she said, it seemed that the teacher may have corrected her the day before and maybe it was not in a tone that she took kindly to. i don;t know.  then she said it's because the teacher is big-sized and that's why she's afraid.  i am not sure exactly the reason, maybe it's a combination of factors.

i tried to shre with her some ways to cope with this "Fearful" feeling but she was still reluctant to go back to class and wanted me to accompany her.  so yup, i set in for 15 minutes.  the teacher she was afraid of wasn't in class so she was perfectly fine and after 15 minutes, she gave me the OK to leave since she was fine with Teacher A.

on my way home i was thinking through the situation to see how i can help and what i could have done better to help her adjust.

she has been to a few "school environments" and she has never had any problems with teachers and in the netherlands school, the teachers rotate quite regularly so i honestly never thought that teachers could pose as a "fear factor" in her case.  as i had taken for granted that she will adjust to the teachers, i didn't make extra effort to acquaint her with the new teachers in this K1 class. 

As i speak more with Teacher A, i decided that when i pick Kaira up in the evening, i will speak with Teacher B.  not so much to talk about the situation but more to show kaira that I am on friendly terms with ALL the teachers and that they are ALL friendly and nice people and that there's nothing to be AFRAID of.

i was mentally prepared to see a whiny kaira when i was waiting to pick her up.  she surprised me by telling me that she had fun and she enjoyed school ?!?

what a turnaround?!? kids are so interesting..........

i went ahead to speak with Teacher B as planned and kaira was with me during the conversation.  at the end of it , she even hugged Teacher B goodbye.

on the way home,  i tried to process today's "experience and lesson" with kaira and work through her feelings and i think she got the message that we cannot judge a book by its cover ......

let's see how Day 3 goes.  It can only get better! :)

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