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Monday, January 02, 2012

A New Year, A New Start for Kaira

Kaira said goodbye to her small pillow on the first day of 2012.  the pillow that has been her companion since she was a baby.  the pillow is in honestly in a very bad shape despite sunning and what have u cos she really loves to bite it.... and it can get so's disgusting ;p

she was very reluctant.  in fact, in the past, i have tried to get her to part with her pillow several times but to no avail.  she loves it for whatever reasons.

however, yesterday, when i wasn't looking, she bite and sucked at it so hard it was soaking in her saliva and i saw it only when everything dried up. in fact, she does this very often.   o dear. i told her she simply had to throw the pillow away....

cried buckets. wouldn't let go.  so i told her, she can hug it to bed one last time yesterday nite and we will throw it away in the morning and we will find a replacement for it.but told her she shouldn't suck her replacement anymore else it will suffer the same fate as her pillow. she seemed to think that that was an acceptable arrangement and went to bed quietly.

Next morning, she woke up bright and early and went to hubby to ask him to throw away the pillow.  Bravo.

but some whining and crying ensued.  but she soon got over it....  :) glad that it wasn't so difficult after all.....let's see the fate of the replacement!

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