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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Labrador Nature Park

Heard on the news that the authorities have revamped the Labrador Nature Park area and there's now a connected boardwalk to Vivocity.

Decided to bring Kaira there to take a look last weekend! Nice idyllic place, i believe we will be back again....but maybe during the evening when it's not so hot!!

we were there late morning and the sun was just blazing!!!! there's more to the place that we should explore (like the play area etc) so i think we should be back!

Plus, this place is near to the NUS Guild House which is a good place to hangout for the family :)

talking about the NUS Guild House, it's been like 10 years since we have visited it and boy has it changed!! the the Clubhouse is now so posh, we almost couldn't recognise it!!
will try to remember to take some photos the next time........

that's Reflections in the background.  love the contrast of concrete and greenery.

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