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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First Day in Kindergarten

Today marks yet another milestone for Kaira.  Her first day @ Kindergarten

Getting ready and "posing" before we leave home ;p

Roarrrrr ..... r u sure u want to send me to school ? In her "uniform".

Her school day last 3.5 hours and although her first day went generally ok, a small incident confirmed and increased our understanding of her.

apparently towards the end of the day as the kids were finishing up their worksheets, kaira burst into tears.  she told the teachers she misses her mum. and was pacified after a while.

when i spoke with her, she said the same thing to me -- that she missed me and that's why she cried.  but i wasn't convinced.

after some probing, i finally figured out why.  she apparently wrote something wrongly and i think she felt that she's no good and that everybody else got it right except her.  her perfectionistic/competitive character "shining through".  i explained to her that it's ok not to KNOW everything and that that's the reason she's in school -- to learn from the teachers.  and that some children may know more than others and that's OK. what is important is that she learnt something new and she now knows more than in the past.   she seemed to accept what i said ..... let's see how things go.

it's interesting how the lil' ones have their personalities ......regardless of what we do/do not do.

i pray for God's wisdom in guiding her and developing her to be more like Jesus. 

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