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Monday, January 30, 2012

Crowded, Not!?!?

Last week, on one of the nights, met up with BFFs for coffee/tea.  We arranged to meet @ holland village, a place which i hardly visit.  the last time i was there, we had dim sum @ one of the chinese restaurants but it was a touch and go event, we didn't really take time to explore the place.....

anywayz, it was 1030pm on a wednesday nite, third day of chinese new year.  saw a starbucks but we were disappointed that it closes @ 11pm!! hahaha, actually it's very good liao lah that they are opened till 11pm on a weekday nite ;p but u know, we are in singapore, our expectations are higher ;p heeehee.

walked abit and we found a coffee bean tea leaf cafe.  Yipppeee, it's opened 24 hours a day!!! Hoooray! welcome to singapore! :) love it.

went in and boy was it crowded and noisy.  both hubbie and myself agreed that it was very crowded and full of 人气! :) 

when my frens arrived .... one of them commented that "it's not so crowded today" ! she had thought that it would have been difficult to get a seat .... wahahaha, we had a good laugh cos here we are feeling the "crowd" and then the reality check came -- it wasn't so crowded afterall!!

welcome to singapore!! love the hustle and bustle.  just have to bear with the crowd!

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