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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Reunion Dinner

In a flash, the festivities of celebrating the Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year is over!! although traditionally, there are 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration (for visitation and collecting/giving of ang pows), in reality, we are constrained by the official "public holidays"  and in our case, only 2 days :( my fren reminded me that hong kong has officially 3 days of holidays to celebrate CNY ;)

First off, the reunion dinner 团年饭 -- for the last 14 years we've always had 2 rounds of reunion dinner on the same day!!

reunion dinners take place on the day before Chinese New Year Day 1 and as the name suggest -- it's for the entire family/clan to come together and feast. and if one is living overseas, it is in every sense of the word a reunion :)

both my and hubbie's family have their reunion dinners on the same day and so yup, we eat round 1 @ 530pm with my family and then @ 8pm with his family. i remember when we first started doing this, we were quite conscious of the amt we ate @ both dinners -- afterall there's so much food served, it is possible to overeat!! ;)

sad to say i think over the years, we have gotten used to the idea of eating 2 dinners for reunion and our stomach seems to have found the capacity to accomodate the food ;p  i try very hard to control.... but i think i am still eating alot more than in the past!!

o well.

here's kaira and her cousin samuel getting for "Lo Hei" -- a dish that originate from singapore i believe and a must have during chinese new year meals.  the dish signifies prosperity and every single ingredient has a positive connotation to it :) e.g. the crackers signifies money, he raw fish, signifying abundance, the sweet sauce that is used to mix up the ingredients signifies a sweet and happy year ahead so on and so forth.

my family "Lo Hei"-ing -- mixing up the ingredients :)

Kaira , all changed and ready for round 2 with my in laws.

When we reached home, it was past 11pm. way way past her bedtime!!! really rare that she sleeps so late ;p 

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