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Friday, December 28, 2012

2 significant dates

The first time I drove solo - although only for a short distance from my parents place to novena.

First time I drove my daughter alone. The same route.

I am not sure when I will venture solo on other routes.... We shall see.

Honestly I find driving stressful (at least on Singapore roads lah!) - would much prefer to be driven.

Hahaha! ☺

I know I m late...

But here are 2 photos of christmas lightings - one taken in pavilion mall in KL , the other along orchard road in Singapore.

Yes yes Christmas is over ... But who is to stop for us from reliving this wonderful season. :))

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random KL photos

I have been lazy ;p haven't been feeling like blogging ... Heehee.

We recently went up to KL (Malaysia) to chill and visit a childhood friend of mine.

Took the coach (aeroline) which was very comfortable and i wouldn't mind taking it again! The total travelling time on the road was ard 5.5 hours and thank God for the entertainment on te bus which kept kaira occupied most of the time!

We stayed near KLCC which was why we took aeroline which stopped opposite KLCC.

We mostly ate , shopped and ate more and shopped more ;) so no scenic photos of any sort! Heehee!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

didn't realise it's some time since i last posted!

what happened??
1) kaira turned 5
2) i was down with fever
3) she was down with fever & diarrhoe for more than a wee
4) she recovered from it and promptly fell ill again after 5 days.
5) my tenant moved out and we have taken over our apartment and is now in the process of looking for a contractor.  should select one sometime this month :)
6) Kaira attended the neighbourhood christmas party

YEAH!! christmas is coming!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kaira's first Christmas tree

She was very excited about putting up the tree and decorating it - this being her first experience!!

Glad she enjoyed the process.... Hope she enjoys the packing up after Christmas as well!! Hahaha ;)

Need more ornaments!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

More than a year has passed.........

since we came back to singapore. and although lots of things have happened, one of the more significant milestones would be kaira attending Kindergarten Year 1 back in Singapore.

From the initial resistant, crying kaira who loathes the idea of doing work to the Kaira who now loves going to class and doing the worksheets (yes, she apparently asks the teacher for worksheets to do), it has been a long road to happiness!!!

But thank God for his grace and love, that she has adapted very well and she loves her teachers to bits, not to mention her friends.

This week kind of bring to a  closure this eventful year (although she's not on holiday yet) -- as there was the parent-teacher session and the school year end concert.  And even as i watched her performed on stage, i am so glad to see a happy and well adjusted child. who enjoys her school activities tremendously and looks forward to going to school to meet her teachers and frens..

The year end concert was her first on-stage experience and she was extremely excited and looking forward to it!!   She was very serious about her dance steps and was always practicing the moves!i love it when she's serious about something -- feels like she is all grown up. :))

may next year be as good as this year, if not better! after which, primary 1  is a different ball game altogether ;p

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jurong bird park

What an eventful few days.... Sunday was night safari and Tuesday being a public holiday we brought kaira to the bird park.

Thanks to hubbie's good idea of buying a 2park entrance ticket!!

I have not been to the bird park for years n it is kaira's first.... And it was a pleasant surprise.... I liked it quite abit... For a few reasons:

1. It's smaller than the zoo so the pace can be more leisurely and yet one covers almost the entire park. Not so tiring - unlike the zoo ... I always feel so tired after a day out at the zoo..... ;p heehee.

2. There's less crowded and more places to sit and rest. Again, it feels more leisurely which I prefer.

3. I love the Lory feeding aviary. Much more than any other animal feeding! Heehee.

It was a nice outing :)) hope to be back soon!!

Night safari

Decided to bring kaira to the night safari in Sunday evening.

Have been procrastinating as I m always concern that it will be too late for her as she sleeps ard 9+pm daily or even earlier... And the main problem with her is that she still gets cranky when she is tired n sleepy... Plus after a night out at the night safari sure have to bathe and what have u after we get home.... Which means a greater challenge!!!

Well, she did enjoy the safari but as expected it was a difficult end to the night... Despite her taking a short afternoon nap and lots of prep abt late nite through the day.

Wellz .... She has to learn I suppose....

It was a nice evening... But very crowded!! Good thing though majority of the crowd seemed happy to go around on the tram... Leaving a very small population including us who were walking the trails...... At times it seemed we were the only ones walking!! Quite amazing considering it was very crowded. And if we didn't walk would have missed out a fair bit ... Hehehe

No pictures as it was nite ;p

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Output of paper marbling activity

So lovely right? Love the effect of paper marbling!! Kaira's artwork!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Paper marbling

Brought kaira to the STPI again today for a children's workshop.... Had no idea what we were going to do till we reached there!

And what an eye opener for me n her! Hehehe.

Water mixed with water soluble glue and Paint plus some creativity n we had such lovely creations!!

No picture of the end result as they were left to dry n we left early for her art class.

Coincidentally, we met her art class teacher-founder at the workshop.

There were more than 10 kids and only 3 Singaporeans. Where r all the Singaporean kids??!??

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunny Sentosa again!

I like Sentosa very much these days and instead of travelling to nearby resorts in Indonesia (think Bintan Or Bali) or short getaways to Thailand, vietnam etc, I m very happy to be on Sentosa ;) heehee. Hassle free and kaira enjoys the beach tremendously and i don't mind juz chilling. Honestly, I don't need to be too engaged :) haha.

Juz read some facebook updates that's its snowing in europe and I am so thankful to be On sunny Sentosa!

To all my frens in Europe, take care and keep warm!

This Sentosa stay, we were fortunate to witness the inaugural red bull Flugtag literally flying day! Will write more abt it later. It certainly made the stay more interesting and we cod enjoy the event from the privacy of the hotel beach instead of squeezing with 35k other spectators as reported! Phew!

Very sleepy and tired now....shall write more next time!

Monday, October 22, 2012

For no rhyme or reason a small lump grew on my left forearm. I was waiting for it to 'drop' off by itself but after a few weeks it stayed there... And looks abit grouse as it has crusted ;p

Finally had time to visit the doctor to have the small lump removed. Princely $300 I paid. Plus the doctor suggested to be on the safe side to send it for biopsy. Although unlikely for it to be any thing serious.... Let's c how it goes.

For now I am glad it's gone!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

One major change as a result of close to 4 years in NDL

Haha, yes! Cheese!!

I have never liked cheese. I don't mind the ocassional American styled cheese found in burgers but have 0 appreciation for cheese in general ;p

But u know Netherlands is the land of cheese and I have to admit I find some cheeses quite nice now ;) heehee

In fact I sometimes miss the variety of cheap and yummy Dutch cheese!! Haha!

Although I still don't like the very strong cheese very much ;)

And one combination I particularly liked is strawberry jam + cheese! I discovered bt accident on one of our road trips .... Heeheee...Very nice. A bit like cranberry jelly with cheese :)

Had a quiet birthday celebration with one of my best childhood frens and this was what we ordered .... Happy birthday my dear dear fren!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kaira's first Indian wedding experience

Her kindergarten school teacher got married today and we brought her there to join in the celebrations.

When we first reached there she was so shy... She wanted to go home!!! Gd thing we met some of her classmates and she warmed up. She even wanted to leave before even stepping into the wedding place - a local Indian temple.


Whatever is it she enjoyed herself and it was an eye opener for all of us!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Kaira @ art class

She's really enjoying it I think. Although mebbe too early to conclude since it's only her 2nd lesson.

Hope the exposure will be gd for and develop her desire to explore n try.

Not sure how useful art classes will be for I think the art class I attended did nothing for me ;p heehee. But as long as she enjoys it n we can afford it, she can have her fun :))

Plus I suppose the art classes today r very different fr the ones we attend as a child. For a start, she's not expected to bring with her the drawing block ;p u know Those think paper we draw on.... Heehee. It didn't occur to me until mother in law took out a bag n asked me if I thot it's big enough to contain the drawing block?? N whether I want it?? I was taken aback, what drawing block ??? Then I realise ! O those blocks of drawing paper!! She must be puzzled when I tell her kaira doesn't the drawing paper for her art class.... What kind of class is this?? ;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Singapore - the land of enrichment classes....

Finally, I succumbed and enrolled Kaira in additional classes upon her request.

1. Music lesson
She has on and off said to me that she wishes to have piano classes, violin classes what have u. I wasn't keen in the past to put her in any as I tot she is a little young and personally I hated my Piano lessons when I was learning as a child.

But since she seemed to enjoy whatever elementary music lessons in school, I decided to sign her up for a trial 10 lesson of 2 instruments. Let's c how things goes.

Also I am reminding myself that the key is for her to enjoy the process and have fun. Not so much to do well. Maybe that will help. Some things, my belief is if u don't have the aptitude, seriously no point trying too hard. Waste of time! ;)

2. Art class
As u can tell from some of my postings, Kaira loves art n craft. She is always bugging me to do stuff with her and paint and draw and what have you.

I had not intended to send her to class cos I reckon hubbie can 'nurture' her since he's quite gd at drawing and stuff. N me?? I help by spending the money to buy art n craft kits for her... :D

But something my fren said prompted me to reconsider. Abt techniques n different mediums. My fren the more arty one ;p

So I decided the google for art classes.

Honestly the myriad of classes available is mind boggling!!!

After reading abt a few, I was ready to settle for one nearest to us for convenience sake.

But one caught my eye as they apparently organise outings to museums for the students n they were originally situated at one of the museums.

So decided to bring Kaira for a trial.

It was a fairly chaotic place i must say. Guess it reflects the 'artistic' nature ;) but I liked what I saw n the philosophy of the owner. Training the kids to he independent thinkers as they select materials for the art n craft n research n make their own decisions. teaching them techniques n the correlation ; enjoying the process rather than focusing on the end results. Think my daughter needs a dose of that. She is too intense some times.

The rather unfinished art work n unstructured art forms may seem unprofessional to some but I liked the idea. To encourage my child to explore n c arts as a way of expression.

Kaira enjoyed the trial very much. So yes, signed her up for a term till year end.... Let's c how things go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Nerve wrecking day.... Waiting for my driving test and m so so so relieved that I passed!!!!

Got 8 demerit points but most importantly I passed!!! Yay yay yay!

Now waiting to get my licence.

A burden off me finally!

Spent abt S$2+k..... For 33 lessons.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exploring Changi

Cannot remember the last time I was at changi ;p

On Saturday, since her swimming coach was on leave, decided to bring kaira to explore changi.

First stop was a place called 'the coastal settlement' - which I saw on a tv show. It's a nice place to chill.... Quite laid back :) but very far ;p and in my opinion a little over priced for the standard of food served there.

Will I visit it again? Maybe.

Next stop, changi beach. Idyllic. But lots of construction work going on now so maybe better to visit after all the upgrading work is done.

This period, kaira is 'beach crazy' so she was thrilled that it was a beach outing again!! Very easy to please at times! ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Neighbourhood Hari Raya Celebration

Brought kaira to participate in the RC (residents committee) Hari Raya celebration.

She was a lot more participative (vs during the christmas celebration) and participated in every game.

Becos of her, both me n hubbie ended up participating in the games as well as she kept 'volunteering' us !!!

However the turnout was quite small n we waited some 45 mins before the 'party' started. Must feedback to the committee... Ticket stated 6pm but program started at 7pm!! Not good for people like us who keep to the time stated.

Whatever it is, kaira enjoyed herself!! Just that she was disappointed that she didn't win anything in the lucky draw! Lol! The winning desire is very strong! ;)

Next up the mid autumn celebrations... Looking forward to it!!

Mid-Autumn's festival, Chinatown Singapore

It's coming soon 中秋节 or mid Autumn festival, so we decided to bring kaira to Chinatown on Friday evening to check it out.

Always end up buying stuff when we go out ;p shall post what I bought the next time!! Heehee.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I like this Fabric very much!!

This is a close-up of the fabric of the Malay dress that I bought Kaira (see here)

really like the detailing and especially the color of the skirt. :) 

just something trivial to share!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kite flying again!!!

As yesterday's kite flying session wasn't much of a success, we decided to give it a try again today!!

Couldn't decide where to go so we thought to try near the Singapore flyer. It was a good spot I must say -- the kite flying went very smoothly n kaira was very excited!!!

Unfortunately joy was short lives as the security guard decided that our kite flying may 'interfere' with the flyer's operation!??! Lol.

Wellz, guess we have to go to other locations for this activity in future! East coast park or something ;)

Kite Festival 2012

It's happening this weekend 8 n 9 sep. I've not flown a kite in YEARS n kaira has never done it as well.

So we decided to skip swim class today to bring her there.... Look see look see.

It was in my opinion a well organised event. Love the live music that we can enjoy n it was all very soothing n family friendly.

I think there were lessons on kite making as well ( although wd didn't know where it was held... Signage could be better) n performances by pro kite-tists. How to spell ??? I dunno.

Only thing is, n I suppose that's the common trend in sg in everything, is that it was quite crowded.... Could not really find the space the fly the kite.

The thing abt being at the event is the festivity mood!! Quite nice ... Although I spent most of my time queuing for balloon for kaira!!! (-_-)

Kite flying isn't that easy n kaira discovered it for herself. After he failed initial few tries she was ready to brawl n throw tantrums... N tears were flowing... She really has an issue with 'failures' ... Everything she does she expects success n praises!!! Again, this was an opportunity to teach her abt enjoying the process... Not just the end. I m so worried for her sometimes.... This personality of hers is a double edged sword. Good to be striving n competitive ... But she must really learn to manage her emotions, expectations etc. Otherwise so many things in life can disappoint... U know what I mean ? But of course I hope things will be smooth for her n she can overcome whatever challenges n enjoy success in all that she undertakes. But how likely is that??!?? Haha!!

I reminded of an incident when I was younger....mebbe one can say that she is very much like me... Heehee... So I hope that like me she learns to manage herself ;)

When I was in primary school I was doing quite well academically. I always thought of myself as smart/clever.

I managed to gain entry into an elite secondary girls school. During my time, the school to be in for girls I suppose!! After a few weeks or months, the realisation that sh*** there are hundreds of gals who were so much smarter dawn upon me.... It was then I decided in my heart/mind... Ok no need to study so hard Liao... I will never be top!! Just study to pass n in the meantime enjoy all the extra curricular activities n what have u!! Haha... Life became less stressful immediately ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Foundation years are vital

One thing that has always bugged me when we were away in Netherlands and Kaira was young was my 'fear' that she grows up identifying more with being Dutch than Singaporean. Of course at home we can try to inculcate certain values but nothing beats being immersed in the culture and experiencing it for oneself.

And personally I think the foundation years are important between 3 to 6 years old when they are not just learning and absorbing but also forming their thoughts and applying their understanding.

Her identity as a Singaporean has strengthen significantly since we came back..... :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

Sentosa Island again

Today is a school holiday for kaira. Teacher's day off. Took the day off to spend time with her as I think my parents won't be able to take her being home the whole day!! She will end watching lots of tv I think! Heehee.

What a long day it has been.... Even though it's only 5pm as I type this.

Kaira had a play date in the morning with our neighbour a six year old gal. They hv been playing regularly at the playground this few months. Unfortunately a while into the date kaira threw a mega tantrum. Seems like she has become a rather sore loser n does not want to follow rules when playing games. Had to deal with her and it sapped a lot of my energy!! She used to be more easy going at play but noticeable in the past year she has displayed a very competitive spirit... Overly so I think... Another area that I need to help her overcome and manage. *sigh* not sure is this a phase??? Or becos she has less playmates now.... :(

After the morning playdate we went to united square to catch the Alice in wonderland show at 1pm. Followed by lunch.

Then we were off to Sentosa!! This time took the cable car. Since hubby is not in town i decided to take the cable car as it will be cheaper mAh! Hehehe jus pay for 2 of us ;) instead of 3!! Haha.

And now we r at the beach and as I was typing this at 445pm... I feel like its has been a looooong day!!

Our outing to Sentosa was cut short the rain came at 530pm or so. I didn't want to be stuck outside with no cab and a tired little gal so we hopped on the first cab we saw and made our way for dinner before heading home.

And as I continue this post, its now 9pm. Kaira is already asleep as she is very tired and me too!!! Exhausted man!!

Wish hubbie was here! Look forward to his return tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Indoctrination starts young ;)

The kindergarten did a good job!! A month after national day kaira is still singing the national day theme songs n with gusto!!

And today I found this picture.... Obviously still in a national day mood!!

How 'patriotric' ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Night Lights 2012 - part 2

This reminded me of GLOW Eindhoven.

So I was quite enthusiastic to have a look even though by the time we were ready to set off on Friday night it was way past my bedtime!!

This is one instance when I think early nightfall is not that a bad after all ! ;) haha.

I have no idea when this night lights festival started but it must be not too long ago as they can certainly do with improvements! And quite fundamental ones ;)

Most lacking is the signage. Although there are signages indicating the route, these need to be improved and more prominent.

Wish also there's more to see along the way altho It was great that the participating museums offered free entry! With more to c along the Wat, the venues will 'feel' more connected, rather than how disjointed it feels now.

Even tho it's till 2am, noticed that some stuff was already closed before that. Or maybe they looked closed? That we did not bother to check it out.

There were lots of young people at this event. Such a good thing!

And how does it compare to GLOW Einhoven? At this moment, GLOW offers more and is more well organised. Looking forward to improvements to the Singapore night lights!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Bought this lovely dress from the Geylang serai pasar malam 2weeks ago :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy 47th birthday Singapore!!

The Chow family decked in the singapore national colors of Red and white :)

Now waiting to watch the national day parade!!

Visit to geylang serai - pasar malam (bazaar) n light up

Since Thursday is a public holiday, I was wondering what we can do with kaira on Wednesday night. Honestly, we hardly go out at night with kaira.... Except the occasional movie or dinner with frens/family. She is mostly in bed by 9pm even on weekends.

Since Hari raya is coming n she had Malay classmates, thot it may be a gd idea to bring her up visit the Malay village or something. Expose her to different cultural elements ....

After dinner, we drove to paya lebar mrt and was greeted by bright lights and a huge huge pasar malam!!

Kaira was quite excited n was keen to explore. We started walking at around 815pm and ended slightly after 10pm. Considering that she walked the whole time, it was a feat!! Haha.

We bought her a very nice baju ( Malay for dress) n hope she will get to wear it soon :)

She volunteered for henna hand painting n sat patiently to have both hands painted. She ate ice cream fr the ice cream uncle ( but she didn't like it very much ) .... And marvelled at the carpets, lights n snacks sold.

We spent all our time at the pasar malam n didn't make it to the Malay village ;) guess tats what Singaporean DNA is... Shopping takes priority any time!!! Lolol!!

I m ashamed to say also that this is my FIRST visit to the Hari raya light up n market!!!! *tsk tsk* we will try to visit again in future!!

Majulah singapura!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Underwater world @ Sentosa

Our first time as a family n kaira loved it. Being able to touch the fish and seeing them so close up was a thrill.

Funnily before the entrance to the underwater world there was a man with a snake pet and he was looking for people who would like to touch the snake. I didn't encourage kaira cos I myself do not like the snake very much ;p but she was keen to touch it and before I k we it, the snake was on her body and she was happy to have twirl round although she complained that it was heavy!! Lolol.

Ignorance is bliss.

It was a good end to our stay as we visited underwater world after we checked out at around 1pm. And timing was perfect as we made it to catch the dolphin show which was at 2pm.

An enjoyable time for kaira and us :)

Rasa Shangri-la @ Sentosa

As mentioned we stayed at rasa shangrila Sentosa, which is very suited for families. I wouldn't mind staying here again :) it's near siloso beach and there's a stretch of beachfront reserved just for hotel guests and worked really well for us as kaira simply wanted to be on the beach only !

After time on the beach, a few steps and we are at hotel pool. How convenient. :)

The buffet breakfast and dinner included I the package were excellent. Maybe it's becos we have not been to n Asian style hotel buffet in a long while.... Breakfast buffets in Europe b&b or hotels cannot compare to those offered in singapore hotels ;p

Forgot to take photos as we were busy stuffing ourselves.

During dinner, there was live music and kaira loved it.... Dancing her night away :)

Some photos to share.

Weekend on Sentosa Island.....

We had a fun and relaxing time this weekend @ Sentosa!

Whilst we have visited Sentosa for day trips, it's our first time as family staying overnight on the island.

I chose Rasa Shangrila Sentosa Resort as i have heard that it's a family friendly resort and after some price comparison, the more affordable one after all ;)

I booked a family fun package which included dinner for us, and some additional activities. Worked out well for us. 

i think the hotel was refurbished not too long ago, so the rooms were really nice and well appointed.  we had a balcony facing the pool and it was lovely.  honestly, i could have just lazed in the room the whole day but would my daughter let me do that?? haha!

we arrived around 1030am on Saturday and the first thing we did after checking in was to go to the beach.  Kaira was really looking forward to it and she simply loved the beach..  Not the fancy slides @ the children's pool or kids' activities available @ the Kid's club.  She was content just playing with the sand on the beach and dipping in the sea.

She could have done that the whole day if we didn't pull her away from it!!

And when she isn't swimming in the sea or playing by the beach, she's content to walk along the beach and kicking water......