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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zoo Zoo Let's Go

Our second visit to the Zoo since we returned last month and you will probably see us visiting the zoo quite often in the future ;) cos on our last visit there, we signed up for the Friends of the Zoo membership :)

clowning around on the cow.....

Our last trip there, we arrived slightly before 2pm and managed to catch quite a few of the feeding sessions.  when we did some research, so this time, we arrived earlier ard 1pm to catch the earlier feeding sessions.

The animals are more active during feeding ;p  other times, we may not catch them in action ...heehee.

actually, kaira enjoys the rainforest kidz world more than the animals i think!! was telling hubbie that since we have the membership, we can make some trips solely to the water play area and the playground  ;p  can skip the animals!! hahaha.  i think it wouldn't make any difference to her ;)

 Regardless, it's always nice to visit the zoo. nature and some exercise ;p heehee.

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