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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sore Throat (Again) ?!?!

just last week i went to see the doc and was given anti-biotics for my sore throat cos he said its been too long (like 8 days) .... and by end of the week - i was really glad that i seemed to have "Recovered"!!

but yesterday (wednesday), i felt pain in my throat again!! aaaarggggh. is it so difficult for the body to adjust to life back home? (-_-)

besides my usual fix of manuka honey, honey+lemon juice and Vitamin, i even bought a glass of starfruit juice (with salt added) cos i've heard that it's effective against sore throat.  not sure if it will really help.... but i will try everything!!! i hate sore throats!!!!

and guess what, cos i was @ raffles city area, i bought the fruit juice there -- it cost me a princely S$5 for the glass of starfruit juice.  granted it was cold press -- and i think i counted 4 star fruits that went into my juice.... but still it was pricey .........and princess kaira was there and she wanted watermelon juice... that's another S$5 gone...... o wellz, i should have chosen a fruit juice store @ a hawker centre or something.... but lazy me just went for the convenient option ;p

and talking abt $$$, whilst i don't shop alot -- i realise now where my $$ goes to..... i buy quite a fair amount of snacks/cakes/bread whenever i am out ;p  really so happy to have so many choices of yummy japanese-style cakes/snacks/bread ..... and curry puffs and what you!!

and because i've been deprived the last 4 years.... price is still not a barrier...YET.......hahahaha.

just jotting down for my own reference. 

- mini fish taiyaki (the fish shaped japanese snack with fillings such as red bean etc0  -- 16 pcs for S$8.50 --> this is expensive. think i should not buy it so often ;p

- dorayaki (u know, the round japance pancake with redbean in the centre)- S$1.20 per piece.  this i think is quite reasonable :)

- old chang kee curry puff - S$1.20 per piece

- breadtalk japanese style sponge cake - S$1.50 per piece. (when i get my hands on my oven, i shall make my own japanese honey sponge cake. i think should be cheaper than buying!)

 o wellz, not sure why a post on sore throat led to me talking about prices of snacks ;p

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