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Monday, December 12, 2011

Swim Time

some 30+years ago, i had my swimming lessons @ this public pool. and yesterday, kaira started her swimming lessons @ the same public pool! i've not been to this public pool for many many years and it has had a complete makeover!!  one of the things i am thankful in singapore is that some public services are still very affordable! entry to the pool is S$1.20 per adult and 60cents per child on weekends. (compared that to entry to the eindhoven swim complex of around 4euros!)

the cost of her swimming lessons is S$60 per month and each session in 1 hour...think quite reasonable lah :) although i must say the netherlands swimming lessons were also quite affordable too 50+euros for a quarter but each lesson is 30 minutes. and we don't hv to pay for entry unlike singapore where we still have to pay for the entry to the pool even though we have paid for the lessons.

so hubbie and i have decided to go swimming when she has lessons -- as a form of exercise for us too!

next. is to buy a swimsuit for myself!! my bikini is getting too small ;p

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