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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kaira's First Neighbourhood Christmas Party in SG

on 3rd Dec, kaira attended her first neighbourhood christmas party here in Singapore.  My parents have recently moved into a HDB flat and decided to bring her to the party since the organisers were going flat-to-flat selling the tickets.

i went to join them for a while and found it quite "boring" ....hehehe, so my parents accompanied her throughout the 2.5 (maybe even 3, i can't really remember) hour program.  kaira was obviously quite shy intiially as u can see from the first picture where she "stucked" to my parents.  but according to my parents, she warmed up qutie a bit after that as the children were given sparklers to play and there was a magic show and kaira even went to interact with the magician ;p  pity i wasn't there to take those photos :)

but she really enjoyed herself that day....even though she reached home ard 930pm (which is quite late for her as she's usually in bed by 830pm) she was still very excited! and the reason for her excitement?  she came home with a "Big" prize!! the #2 prize in the lucky draw!! so blessed!! :))
kaira even went on stage to collect the price from the MP Mr Heng.

my dad manage to capture a picture of her receiving the prize

when she got home, she was very excited to open the prize.......

but haha, the prize was a toaster..... not something that she was particularly excited about ;)

Nevertheless, still thankful for the blessings from the Lord!

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