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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i am finally "In" ;p


my trusted phone of 7 years died on me :(  i liked this phone very much and if it hadn't died on me, i think i would still be hanging on to it ....even though i keep saying that i will buy the iphone (sooner or later ;p)

can u see the words -- this is the reason i have to change the phone.... it went bonkers!!

old love. new love.

i went down to the phone shop to buy the iphone 4S today.  i think one of the greatest put offs for me when it comes to buying the phone from the shops is the crowd and queue!! that's y i am not very motivated to get a new phone....;p today, i spent almost 1.5 hrs @ the shop just to complete the purchase.  i don't understand why every day, there's so many people buying phones!!??!!

o wellz, today, i was part of the crowd.

Hope the new "love" ihpone4S turns out to be just as good!!

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