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Friday, December 16, 2011

The "heart" of Singapore - Orchard Road

Orchard Road can be considered the heart of singapore.  no tourist will leave singapore without visiting it i suppose?  fame for the long stretch of shopping, shopping and more shopping!! ;p

if shopping is not on your agenda, i am not sure what else there really is....o, there's the eating of course! ;p

during christmas when the malls are all decked in their christmas glory, it's a beautiful sight. and boy is it crowded.

today i had a taste of the crowd.  i don't know what got into me to suggest to my mother to head down to Isetan which is having it's private sale today. Bad suggestion. it was so crowded in the departmental store i couldn't breathe.  we walked a round and came out with nothing ;p

the human crowd wasn't just in Isetan. it was everywhere.  there were just people everywhere!!! whose bright idea was it to increase our population exponentially?  can singapore really take so many on its tiny shores? o wellz, i guess this topic has been debated to "death" by others.....and the outcome is still the same. i guess we need the BUZZZZZZ.

besides the human crowd, there's the traffic.  at the junction where Goodwood park hotel is, going towards the Shaw Centre carpark, it was such a jam....*dislike* lucky we were taking the bus.

whatever it is, i think i should leave Orchard Road to an "off peak" day.... probably after this holiday period..... then, shopping may be more pleasant!

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