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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cool and Wet December

For some reason, i don't remember singapore being this wet and cool during December.

Maybe each time i am back, i am in a holiday mood, so my perception of things is "colored" ;p 

Since we came back in early November, it seems to be raining everyday. and it's the heavy downpour kind.  on good days, the downpour lasts for a while and the rest of the day is dry.  but there are days when it just keeps raining and raining and raining! neverending rain..... which means cool weather!! :) refreshing for a change from the hot and humid.... provided one is not caught in the rain lah!

as a tourist, i think i will not enjoy Singapore very much during this period. cos it's so wet and if sightseeing or outdoor activities are planned.... it can be such a dampener!! but of course, if one is just shopping, then the rain's not going to be of hindrance.  singapore main shopping belt is complimented by a network of underground connections.... it's possible to stay dry ..... and not be affected by the rains...unless of course, if it floods ;p  heehee.

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