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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is not here yet.... and Chinese New Year is coming!!!

haha, that's the fun thing about living in a multicultural society !!

the Victoria wholesale centre (they carry mostly dried goods.... think dried scallops, fish maw, sea cucumber, dried mushrooms, dried herbs etc) is making way (for the new expressway i think) so, we decided to visit it to see if we can get some good bargains for CNY ;p the last time i was there must be 8-9 years ago.... this place reminds me of HK Sheung Wan 海味街 although on a smaller scale :)

so off we went this morning for shopping....of a different kind!

olden day equivalent of the candy store??
choosing some CNY decorations
It just feels better buying from the Old Ah Ma ;p

kaira kept complaining that it's "smelly" when we pass by the dried shrimps and ikan bilis....LOL. i kept telling that this scent is fragrant.... she gave me the incredulous look and put her hands over her nose ;p

whatever .... we came back with bagfuls of goodies!! ready for serious CNY cooking ;p Yeah Right!

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