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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's going through a 4-year-old's mind?

i am wondering because my sweet princess has been rather difficult of late.

since we came back to singapore -- she has become increasingly difficult -- she simply refuses to follow our instructions and will always do the opposite that we say.

软的, 硬的方法我都式了,似乎都无效!!!烦 烦 烦 !! 

i have tried speaking to her and getting her to cooperate and although she seems to understand, when the situation pops up again, she's back to her usual uncooperative self.

i am really not sure how i can help her???!!! and what is causing this?  could it be that there's more people in household now and she gets conflicting instructions and she also knows that she can sometimes get away with things???

i really don't know what to do. i have scolded her, threatened her and beaten her. but to no avail.

i don' want her to grow up only remembering that her mum beats her! ;p

she's such a sweetie but when she's uncooperative, it's really trying.  haizzzzz.

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