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Monday, November 14, 2011

Think Europe is expensive? Think again

风水轮流转 this saying is so true.

Singapore's prosperity has really driven up the cost of living. in fact, in the last week that i am back, i sometimes feel that maybe it's cheaper living in europe ;p

of course certain things in europe is expensive, no doubt -- primary culprit being the cost of eating out. so yup, we control that cost by eating at home most of the time ;p

so, why do i feel that singapore is expensive. and i am not even talking about the cost of owning a home or car YET.  those 2 are monsters!!!!

one example -- in eindhoven, i bring kaira to all sorts of parks/play areas which are good-sized and well equipped and it doesn't cost me a cent.  here there are some free outdoor options.... but limited. seems like more and more paid options are springing up and boy are they expensive :( 

another example. since we don't have our own home now, when we meet up with friends, we tend to meet outside for drinks/meals, the costs add up! other than hawker centre/food courts, i personally think the cost of eating in a restaurant is comparable to that in europe. even if we have our own home, cos it's gonna be relatively small (compared to what we had in eindhoven), i doubt we would entertain as much as we did at home, so i think this cost is not going to go away =D

and even though the SGD is so strong now, cost of imported goods still seem "ex" e.g. a tube of Zovirax costs 21 SGD here... but if i remember correct, it costs ard 7 euros back in eindhoven.  A bottle of Bubchen baby wash costs 8+SGD here, in dusseldorf, i could have gotten it for 2+euros.  the costs are driven up probably by the incremental rent that businesses have to pay.

whatever it is.... i am glad we have the habit of documenting our expenses.  but during our first week here, we have been laxed...think we need to step it up!

1 comment:

jiaen silvia said...

Heh I totally agree with you on this Serene! We were shocked at the bills after eating out practically every day in our 1st month of moving here! The GST & service charge of 17% really adds up!! But on the other hand it's also sooo convenient that we don't try to resist spending on food :P

Since we're both off-work now, we tend to go out on weekdays when it's less crowded... and stumble upon good tea-time & happy hour deals in restaurants :)