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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mozzie Mozzie No!

mosquito bites is something that irks me here in SG!! more so because kaira reacts rather badly to them and one bite can result in a large inflammed patch and it takes a long time for it heal.  and before it's healed, there's another bite somewhere!! she seems to be "attractive" to mosquitoes ;p

when i know we will be in mosquito-prone areas, i will definitely plaster repellant patches on her as well as apply spray on repellent.  but sometimes @ home, we are more laxed and that's when she gets bitten.  since our return, there hasn't been a day that has gone by without a mosquito bite on her.

i dutifully apply tea-tree oil on the bites and i think it helps to soothe it.... but still cannot stand the sight of the big, red patches on her!!

o wellz, something that we have to adjust to in the tropics!! and i am trying to teach her to shoo mosquitoes away or call me should she see one :)

hopefully it will get better!!

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