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Thursday, November 03, 2011


We had always wanted to visit Efteling (since it can be considered the "national" theme park of netherlands.....) but somehow we never made it.  I thought we were going to leave netherlands without visiting it liao....

but the weather this week had been fantastic and since kaira had no school on today (wednesday), i decided to bring her there, even though hubbie couldn't make it.

so funnily, in my last week in eindhoven, i made my first "day" trip with kaira ..... ironical isn't it.

u know, whilst i am used to travelling with her within eindhoven, this is the first time i am taking a train+bus with her and a journey that is considerably long .... ard 60 minutes or so..... plus this was going to be a long day out and i was a little concern whether i can "take it" or not.... hahaha.

i guess the day went pretty well....... everything was smooth and since it was low-season, the park was not very crowded and we didn't have to wait very long for the rides etc......  but YES, i was quite tired and grumpy towards the end of the day ;p so was kaira ;p

so, was Efteling worth a visit??  wellzz, some parts of it were nice.... e.g. the fairytale path where there were those small houses (think hobbit houses) and "kabouter bims" (gnome-like creatures) which were very suitable for little children.  i think i liked that the most.

there's also alot of nature in the park and during this season with the autumn colors .... it's really very nice to walk through the park.

however........ some of the rides are similar to the disney rides..... so errr.... obviously disney rides were better ;p

actually, we didn't cover the entire park -- naturally .... cos we arrived in the park @ 11am (need to queue for tickets etc) and left about 430pm...... not much time.  think we covered between 1/3 to 1/2 of the park.  so i guess my judgement of Efteling isn't complete.

whatever it is, i think kaira enjoyed herself quite fair bit ... and told me that she wants to come to efteling everyday.... hahaha. 

not too many photos today cos it was only me + her.  I had to push the stroller, keep an eye on her and take photos at the same time..... abit difficult ;p

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