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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you going back to work?

Funny, that this is almost the first (if not, then second) question i get from people i meet when it is known that we are relocating back to singapore.

not many in eindhoven asked me this question when we moved to eindhoven....heehee.... granted we do not have that many friends in eindhoven initially.

but it just goes to show the focus and emphasis of these 2 societies.

One where money and the ability to earn plays a rather major role in other's perception of who you are.  i guess without a job, people don't really know how to "assess" another....LOLOL. 

honestly, i give the politically correct answer of we are settling down now, that i will probably look for a job say 6 months down the road ;p  is that really what i am thinking about? that's for me to know ;) hahaha.

may the Lord guide me and lead me......... to what lies ahead for me/my family.


jiaen silvia said...

Hi Serene, welcome back! How are the three of you coping with the heat & humidity & glaring sun?

For me, renting houses & working part-time in Holland made life very worry-free & cushy heh. While Jelmer and I are now both looking for work, we're giving ourselves also 6 months to enjoy being 'tourists' of Singapore and our bodies to adjust to the new climate. Remember to take lots of water & fruits!! I've decided to go into teaching (music & english) since it's stable, giving Jelmer more time to get used to SG and time to find something new he'd like to do. Better to take it a little slower, or too soon we'll find ourselves caught up in the rat race like everyone - honestly not something we want to do and we believe it's possible to live in Singapore our own way.

Anyhow, the Lord will guide, in His time. So let's go with what He blesses us with & enjoy the ride!

Ms Long said...

thanks silvia! we are slowly adjusting ;p the heat and humidity really needs some getting used to. and like my fren said, i am not sure we will ever get used to it! heehee. other than that, everything's getting along well :)

so hv u started teaching? all the best to Jelmer's job hunting! yes, all we need to do is trust in the Lord, i am sure He will lead.

By the way, which church are u attending here in sg?

take care!

jiaen silvia said...

Yeah there'll always be things I miss in hk, nl, and etc.. I wonder if I can ever step out of the shower & house without perspiring, imagine going to work dressed up pretty but with sweat drops rolling down my face. Barely can use make-up here, no matter how 'waterproof' they claim to be haha!

I probably start in Jan, quite looking forward to it. But we'll get a break first attending my sister-in-law's wedding in Limburg in 2 weeks :)

Although we live in Pasir Ris, we catch a direct bus to Woodlands Evangelical Free Church every sunday; attended it with my parents last year & we decided to stick with it. Easier to get ourselves to get up early than finding another church, plus we're comfortable there :)
How about you?

Ms Long said...

good that you have found a church to settle in! that helps :) and it's good to be in a strong community. i think that church is near my in-laws place!

as for us, we have been attending a church near my parents place - Faith Assembly of God, so far so good. we may also visit our previous church - FCBC - but have not done so. praying that God will lead us to the place that He intends us to be. :)