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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's going through a 4-year-old's mind?

i am wondering because my sweet princess has been rather difficult of late.

since we came back to singapore -- she has become increasingly difficult -- she simply refuses to follow our instructions and will always do the opposite that we say.

软的, 硬的方法我都式了,似乎都无效!!!烦 烦 烦 !! 

i have tried speaking to her and getting her to cooperate and although she seems to understand, when the situation pops up again, she's back to her usual uncooperative self.

i am really not sure how i can help her???!!! and what is causing this?  could it be that there's more people in household now and she gets conflicting instructions and she also knows that she can sometimes get away with things???

i really don't know what to do. i have scolded her, threatened her and beaten her. but to no avail.

i don' want her to grow up only remembering that her mum beats her! ;p

she's such a sweetie but when she's uncooperative, it's really trying.  haizzzzz.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mozzie Mozzie No!

mosquito bites is something that irks me here in SG!! more so because kaira reacts rather badly to them and one bite can result in a large inflammed patch and it takes a long time for it heal.  and before it's healed, there's another bite somewhere!! she seems to be "attractive" to mosquitoes ;p

when i know we will be in mosquito-prone areas, i will definitely plaster repellant patches on her as well as apply spray on repellent.  but sometimes @ home, we are more laxed and that's when she gets bitten.  since our return, there hasn't been a day that has gone by without a mosquito bite on her.

i dutifully apply tea-tree oil on the bites and i think it helps to soothe it.... but still cannot stand the sight of the big, red patches on her!!

o wellz, something that we have to adjust to in the tropics!! and i am trying to teach her to shoo mosquitoes away or call me should she see one :)

hopefully it will get better!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday my sweetest princess

4 years ago on 21 Nov 2007, little kaira arrived.  Thank God for the sweetest, cheekiest princess i can ask for.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kaira's first birthday celebration with family in singapore and here's the first round -- with paternal relatives!

with paternal grandparents. *notti gal didn't want to pose*

she requested for a princess cake this year and since we are back in singapore -- i decided to fulfill her wish.  it wasn't cheap but i think she was very very happy with it.  when we went to collect it, she kept wanting to look at her birthday cake ;p i am quite happy with the cake too -- imagine if i had to make this myself ;p so glad we are in singapore!!! heehee.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Think Europe is expensive? Think again

风水轮流转 this saying is so true.

Singapore's prosperity has really driven up the cost of living. in fact, in the last week that i am back, i sometimes feel that maybe it's cheaper living in europe ;p

of course certain things in europe is expensive, no doubt -- primary culprit being the cost of eating out. so yup, we control that cost by eating at home most of the time ;p

so, why do i feel that singapore is expensive. and i am not even talking about the cost of owning a home or car YET.  those 2 are monsters!!!!

one example -- in eindhoven, i bring kaira to all sorts of parks/play areas which are good-sized and well equipped and it doesn't cost me a cent.  here there are some free outdoor options.... but limited. seems like more and more paid options are springing up and boy are they expensive :( 

another example. since we don't have our own home now, when we meet up with friends, we tend to meet outside for drinks/meals, the costs add up! other than hawker centre/food courts, i personally think the cost of eating in a restaurant is comparable to that in europe. even if we have our own home, cos it's gonna be relatively small (compared to what we had in eindhoven), i doubt we would entertain as much as we did at home, so i think this cost is not going to go away =D

and even though the SGD is so strong now, cost of imported goods still seem "ex" e.g. a tube of Zovirax costs 21 SGD here... but if i remember correct, it costs ard 7 euros back in eindhoven.  A bottle of Bubchen baby wash costs 8+SGD here, in dusseldorf, i could have gotten it for 2+euros.  the costs are driven up probably by the incremental rent that businesses have to pay.

whatever it is.... i am glad we have the habit of documenting our expenses.  but during our first week here, we have been laxed...think we need to step it up!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you going back to work?

Funny, that this is almost the first (if not, then second) question i get from people i meet when it is known that we are relocating back to singapore.

not many in eindhoven asked me this question when we moved to eindhoven....heehee.... granted we do not have that many friends in eindhoven initially.

but it just goes to show the focus and emphasis of these 2 societies.

One where money and the ability to earn plays a rather major role in other's perception of who you are.  i guess without a job, people don't really know how to "assess" another....LOLOL. 

honestly, i give the politically correct answer of we are settling down now, that i will probably look for a job say 6 months down the road ;p  is that really what i am thinking about? that's for me to know ;) hahaha.

may the Lord guide me and lead me......... to what lies ahead for me/my family.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

i want to marry papa.

recently, kaira is into "marrying" her papa. quite often she will tell me that she wants to be married and when i ask her who she wants to marry, she says "Papa!" ;p heehee. she says that papa loves everybody!! lol.  kids are very cute.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kaira's (Early) 4th Birthday Celebration

Arranged with kaira's playschool to have her 4th birthday celebration on our last day in Eindhoven.  Usually the kids here will have their 4th birthday celebration in the PeuterPlaza then advance to Basissschool (something like primary school).

Hiep Hiep Hoera!!

Giving out sweets to her classmates
What a difference one year makes -- i can see how she's behaving like a big sister to all the other younger kids in her class this time round. (their age range is from 2y3mto 4 years old).

Here are some photos taken earlier on @ the peuterplaza featuring her favorite corners in the school and with some of her favorite teachers.

the "huishoek"

autumn collection

with Erica

Friday, November 04, 2011

Glow Eindhoven 2011

officially starts 5 November i believe. So we thought we will miss this year;s lights.... but heehee, we manage to catch one of the installation just outside the train station! they lighted it up tonight instead :)

Better than nothing ;)

Thursday, November 03, 2011


今年的秋色额外丰富多彩, 万紫千红; 而天气也分外的好-- 似乎要给我们留下最美好的回忆 :)   这星期我有机会在秋天悠闲的散步 .... 享受 一幕幕的灿烂金黄与迷人的红叶 -- 多么希望能牢固在脑海里, 这迷人的景色. 回到炎热的新加坡, 就不存在了..... 遗憾! 新加坡什么都好, 就是天气炎热 --- 四季如夏!!! :(


We had always wanted to visit Efteling (since it can be considered the "national" theme park of netherlands.....) but somehow we never made it.  I thought we were going to leave netherlands without visiting it liao....

but the weather this week had been fantastic and since kaira had no school on today (wednesday), i decided to bring her there, even though hubbie couldn't make it.

so funnily, in my last week in eindhoven, i made my first "day" trip with kaira ..... ironical isn't it.

u know, whilst i am used to travelling with her within eindhoven, this is the first time i am taking a train+bus with her and a journey that is considerably long .... ard 60 minutes or so..... plus this was going to be a long day out and i was a little concern whether i can "take it" or not.... hahaha.

i guess the day went pretty well....... everything was smooth and since it was low-season, the park was not very crowded and we didn't have to wait very long for the rides etc......  but YES, i was quite tired and grumpy towards the end of the day ;p so was kaira ;p

so, was Efteling worth a visit??  wellzz, some parts of it were nice.... e.g. the fairytale path where there were those small houses (think hobbit houses) and "kabouter bims" (gnome-like creatures) which were very suitable for little children.  i think i liked that the most.

there's also alot of nature in the park and during this season with the autumn colors .... it's really very nice to walk through the park.

however........ some of the rides are similar to the disney rides..... so errr.... obviously disney rides were better ;p

actually, we didn't cover the entire park -- naturally .... cos we arrived in the park @ 11am (need to queue for tickets etc) and left about 430pm...... not much time.  think we covered between 1/3 to 1/2 of the park.  so i guess my judgement of Efteling isn't complete.

whatever it is, i think kaira enjoyed herself quite fair bit ... and told me that she wants to come to efteling everyday.... hahaha. 

not too many photos today cos it was only me + her.  I had to push the stroller, keep an eye on her and take photos at the same time..... abit difficult ;p