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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


One of the things i love about living in europe is experiencing the changing of seasons.  Looking forward to a new season and saying goodbye (even if temporary) to the passing season..... and the different activities of each season seem to add to an otherwise seemingly "boring" lifestyle.

love it when we look forward to the buds of the new spring. to the warmer spring breeze and the greenery that sprouts.

love it when summer sun means we can bask in the warmth.

love the colors of autumn foliage.

love the sight of first snow (although not the cold long wintry months)

it's autumn now and i am planning to bring kaira to pick chestnuts soon! but even as winter is a few months away, i am reminded today that christmas coming!! love the sight of the holly berries!!

holly berries

holly plant
enjoy autumn my frens and whatever warmth that remains :)

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