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Monday, October 03, 2011

Reliving the "good old days"?!?

Kaira developed a fever on our last night in Disney.  Deja vu --cos she fell ill during our last visit to Disney as well! This time round i think she caught a "new" virus -- cos she experienced sore throat for the very first time!!

I first suspected sore throat cos she sounded hoarse at times (before the fever came on) but she didn't complain of pain or anything.  That night she didn't sleep well cos her nose was quite blocked. Then on Saturday, our last day in Disney, after drinking some water, she told me her mouth "stings" ..... and after asking her to do the swallowing action, confirmed that she's got a sore throat.

This is new to me !! And with all the information out on the net, it got me worried.... wondering whether she has contracted croup, or strep throat --  the more serious kinds of sore throat/cold. and being the weekend, there's no doctor to visit.

anywayz, when we got back on Saturday evening, i cooked some fish porridge for her. And i cooked porridge again for lunch/dinner on Sunday and now Monday too ;p seems like a LONG LONG time since i cooked those  mushy porridge for her ;p brings back memories... to when she just started on solids and all the 爱心粥 i cooked for her :D seems so long ago !  after a diet of porridge for 2.5 days i wonder if i will lose some weight ??  i really need to take some action to reduce some weight. I digress ;p

Anyway, today, she told me that it's no longer painful when she tries to swallow so that's good thing.  her appetite is also quite good unlike Saturday although her fever comes and goes -- one would expect that from a viral fever. she was fever-free on sunday morning and afternoon and so i thought she has recovered, but the fever came back again in the night, athough thank God she was not much affected by it, ard 38.5 degrees celsius. (better than the fever on Sat night which was around 39+degrees celsius) Her nose is also less blocked now, but it looks like it's developing into runny nose. But at least that we have experience managing ...heehee.

She's been quite active yesterday and today, so that's good.  Kept her at home today, hopefully she will be able to go back to school tomorrow.

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