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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Little Princess

The Tinkerbell outfit is meant for her 4th Birthday.  Obviously, she can't wait to wear it! So here's the "new TinkerBell"! I love her in this outfit, so cute.

On arrival @ Disney, i told her she can choose one princess dress -- thinking that she's going to choose the Tinkerbell outfit cos she's been quite obsessed with Tinkberbell -- but she chose an Ariel dress instead!! not even the Ariel princess dress..... geeeez. i was disappointed to say the least..... i tried to subtly influence her purchase decision but to no avail :p

The positive thing was, it was a relativey cheaper dress, so i figured we can afford another dress ;p and good thing too that tinkerbell's outfit is cheaper than the other princess' dresses .... ok ok, excuses i know. i just like the Tinkerbell dress, i think it suits her !! and so, we ended up with 2 dresses and 2 sets of shoes ;p Didn't i say we were indulgent??

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