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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kaira's School Outing - Autumn Walk

Today is one of those days .... that didn't start off smoothly ;p

Firstly, i don't have my bike (my back tyre is punctured again and although i sent it in on Tuesday to have it replaced, they didn't have the spare parts and couldn't do it on the same day.  So i am to collect it today (thursday) in the afternoon).

Which means, i have to walk to school with kaira today. it's not so bad usually but it's morning school today and kaira (and myself) are simply not morning persons!! ;p So we were rushing rushing and rushing :D

And it's wet today. Good thing it was only very slight drizzle when we set off for school.

So i walked as FAST as i could....... and when we reached the school, i was greeted by the teacher who was surprised to see us in school! Why? because it's the autumn walk excursion this morning!! DUH.

we were supposed to meet @ 915am at the park opposite our place!! Haizzzz, we could have slept in and save ourselves some trouble if i wasn't so blurrrr.  somehow i don't remember reading the notice about it being today although i know it's happening in Oct.  aaaargh....whatever. so we had to walk home.  And then, it POURED! So we took refuge in the supermarket for a while ;)

Finally, we made it to the park on time.  Just like last year, Kaira had a great time picking up the acorns, brown leaves and so forth.  However, due to the weather, not all the kids turned up..... but at least her good fren was there :)


Thank God it all ended quite well! After the walk, her good fren andre came over for more play time and now she's so tired she's sleeping now while her lunch is waiting.

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