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Friday, October 28, 2011

I can cycle now!

i was undecided where to buy a 2-wheel pedal bike for kaira before we leave netherlands or wait till we are in singapore.

last saturday, we made a last minute decision to get her the 2 wheel bike ;p it's supposed to be her 4th birthday present :) and i was secretly hoping that she can learn to cycle it before she turns 4.

we bought her the 16 inches (i think) tall bike, meant for 4-6 years old and when she first tried her hand at it, she seemed too small for it and couldn't manage the bike well.  but it was not practical (money-wise) to buy the smaller one meant for 2-4 years old (at that moment, i kind of regretted not buying the 2 wheel bike earlier).  anywayz, we decided to go with the 16 inch bike as it's just rite for her age. but we thought it might be difficult for her.... and was prepared that she may need the back wheels! we bought the back wheels too !! -- talk about lack of faith in our daughter ;)

however, as her good friend Andre has been pedaling the 2 wheel bike since he was like 3 years old (maybe even earlier....i cannot really remember) .... i was keen for her to try to cycle without the back wheels first.

think hubbie was abit reluctant initially cos it's quite hard work for him ;p (since he's the one teaching her and holding the bike initially) but he's a good man.... he heeded my nagging and decided to give it a try.

they practiced on Sunday (and he was super tired from it cos he had to hold the bike while she cycles)....he was sweating buckets after like 20 minutes.... heehee. and he came back early on Monday evening to practice with her again.

kaira didn't have to chance to practice on tuesday and wednesday but we managed to find some time to practice on thursday while the movers were packing and i am so very proud of her that she was able to finally cycle the 2 wheel bike without assistance!!!

At least she didn't let her "host country" of the last 3.5 years down....haahahaha
(in case u r wondering, she does have a helmet -- just that it's already packed into the boxes! so we decided to let her practice without. her papa was very diligent, running aside her as she cycles!)

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