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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I am very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with many friends here in the netherlands. and i know i will miss them when i return to SG.

what a difference 3 years made and what a sharp contrast to when we first arrived.

I remember how hard it was for me initially -- with no friends and a dependent baby.  In the first 6 months, i can literally count the number of friends i have with my fingers :( i was worried -- not so much for myself but for my daughter.... i wonder if she will be lonely and whether she will have playmates and so forth.  in fact that was something that weighed heavy on my heart -- her lack of social contact and when she was young, she was very very very sticky to me and i sometimes wondered if our lack of friends aggravated the situation.  and so i "forced" myself to make friends!! by nature, i am not such a social person -- so to strike up a conversation with strangers and making contact was really going against MY grain ;) thank God that he brought people into our lives and some of her closer playmates are those we befriended in the park ;p

and so, i am very grateful for this group of friends that the Lord has blessed us with -- kaira's playmates and her "mandarin" teachers :)

another group of friends that i am very grateful for are the ladies i got to know through church (IBC Eindhoven). The love of Christ showed by these ladies, and their friendship and company made this place more like home.   i thank God for bringing them into my life. and i know that the friendships made will transcend borders :)

whilst i am very happy that i am going home - i will be honest -- the friendships with these ladies makes it more difficult and i do feel reluctance .... i have been very blessed by their friendship. Thank you Lord.

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