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Monday, October 31, 2011

Final week In the Netherlands

Our final week here in the netherlands! the last week has been a mad rush of packing, cleaning and get-togethers that i am kind of glad it's Monday and everything's back to "normal" ;)
a few quiet moments while kaira is @ PeuterPlaza :)

Funny how when i am here, i don't feel like this home and yet when i am leaving, i feel nostalgic looking at the familiar sights and thinking that i am not going to do "this" or "that" again........ ;p  all that i've worked so hard to built up int he last 3.5 years will come to nought once again.......

therein lies a lesson for me .... do i not build because it will come to nought?? however, to spend the effort and time and energy to build on something knowing that it will be taken away from me seems so............fruitless. and so, let's not focus on the end results -- for who can determine what the end may be? i need to remind myself, again, that it's the journey that matters.  the challenges and satisfaction of journeying together.  the growth that we see in ourselves and the people around us as we embark on new adventures..... and believing that in all these God's plans are fulfilled and receiving with gratitude the blessings that are showered upon us. and when the going gets tough, having the faith that God is in charge and that i need to trust and believe.

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