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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boxes everywhere....

the movers were here on Thursday and Friday to do the packing and moving.

Even though we have moved cross-countries before, it doesn't seem to get easier with every move ;p

anyway, u can imagine a madhouse of boxes -- (but thank God for the pros!) and a few hiccups here and there ;p

thank God too that kaira was generally cooperative on the first day and the movers were kind enough to "entertain" her while packing ;p

on the second day, i am very grateful to my immediate neighbour who hosted kaira for abt 2 hours in the morning -- so kaira had a playdate with her son while i was busy cleaning up and ensure that nothing gets left behind :)

kaira having fun with the moving ......

and here is a picture of our boxes.....

.........a grand total of...............152 boxes!!! my mum is going to faint....... how are all these boxes gonna fit into their humble hdb flat?!?! heehee =D

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