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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Be careful when travelling in Paris...

or maybe i should say, do be on alert when travelling, wherever you may be.

in 1 week, i've read true and personal accounts of 2 friends (on separate visits) who had had unpleasant encounters.

the first one is more severe, travelling in a car (with at least 3 other persons... i can't remember how many of them were in the car) - the car window was smashed and she was punched and robbed.

the second incident, was that of cheats .... putting a gold ring into your hand and demanding payment for it and being approached at train station and getting offers of help to pay for train tickets first and you can pay back later.

i suppose it's not uncommon to hear of such incidents in europe..... but 2 in one week and from personal friends just made me sit up.

a reminder to be careful and vigilant when we are travelling, whereever we are.

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