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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Park" in our backyard

today, i am reminded once again to give thanks to the Lord for choosing our current place to be our home in eindhoven.

There's a park just opposite our place and friends always comment that we are very blessed to have access to the park like it was our backyard! the park is big, with a kinderboederij (children's petting farm), outdoor pool, 2 sand play areas, blocks, lots of equipment for kids, a pirate zone (for older kids), and a builder's workshop (for older kids to do their woodchopping and build stuff).

every once in a while, there will be special activities organised for the kids..... sometimes on a larger scale, sometimes small scale.

indeed, kaira spent a fair amount of time in the park ....especially when she was younger..... for whenever the weather is good, and we have time, i will bring her there, even if it was for a short while.  nowadays, we have reduced the frequency of our visits due to school and other commitments.

today, brought her there and we were pleasantly surprised that there's some form of organised activity there and there were free pony rides and snacks for the kids (cotton candy and popcorn).

really glad that we live here, so near the park. 

didn't have my camera with me today so no photos!

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